Vinyl Truck Lettering

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Vinyl truck stickers are made very thin which produces a conformable product that allows application over substrates with rivets, corrugations, and complex curves. Available in 23 colors, these custom vinyl letters come pre-spaced on a wax liner. Just peel and paste to apply. A squeegee applicator included with order.

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Vinyl truck lettering is a sticker that you can apply to make signs. The sticker is designed on a computer and sent to a plotter. The plotter cuts out the shape of each letter for your sign. Your vinyl lettering design can also include numbers, logos or graphics. Once your vinyl truck lettering is prepared you simply peel and paste the decal to your desired surface.

Vinyl truck lettering is produced from a computer driven plotter that has a very sharp blade to precisely cut through a thin layer of a vinyl film. Alphabet Signs uses a pigmented vinyl so the color is not just on the surface of the vinyl letters but all the way through. We remove any excess vinyl material so you are left with die cut vinyl characters on a wax liner. Finally, paper pre-masks are placed atop the completed vinyl letters, making it easy for customers or truck lettering professionals to apply multiple letters and shapes at once.

The most common type of vinyl truck lettering application is to simply peel and paste. The vinyl truck letters are produced as individually cut letters that are pre spaced on a wax liner. You dont have to apply the individual letters one at a time; you can apply the letters one line at a time or all at once. The vinyl truck lettering is very thin and has an aggressive adhesive that will stick to any smooth non porous surface such as windows, banners or business vans. The vinyl truck lettering comes with transfer tape that allows you to peel the decal from the wax liner and paste the letters.Vinyl truck letteringis easy and inexpensive.

When business owners purchase vinyl letter for their companies, many are left wondering how to properly apply the custom decal to a chosen surface. The process begins with preparing the area.

It is important to wipe the surface clean with a n alcohol based cleaner to get rid of any harmful material that may be in place. The room temperature be between 45 and 90 Fahrenheit before beginning the process. The site where the vinyl lettering will go should not be too humid, as it can negatively affect the procedure.

The next step after the surface is properly prepared is to apply a strip of masking tape on top of the custom vinyl graphic. This will make sure that the sign stays in place.

The following step is to remove the wax liner by flipping over the decal and holding the bottom edge of the graphic away from the surface in order to expose the sticky vinyl backing.

Then, use a squeegee to press the vinyl letters on the area where it will appear, going from top to bottom like a windshield wiper blade. Careful not to trap any pockets of air that will create bubbles in the vinyl decal.

After removing the top paper layer, the vinyl letters will appear in place. The sign will serve as a way for customers to see either a product or your companys name on an ongoing and permanent basis. Vinyl signs can be a great way to make a permanent mark in a community.

The bottom layer is the wax liner that holds the vinyl lettering in place and allows the letters to release.

The middle layer is commercial grade vinyl with an aggressive 9 year adhesive.

The top layer is the semi opaque transfer paper that allows you to lift off the vinyl letters.

Today, computers and specialized software are used to create an almost endless variety of designs. You can easily type in the vinyl truck letters or numbers you need. The online sign designer will allow you to preview your sign as you type. You can change font styles, colors, and sizes. The vinyl truck lettering sign designer automatically calculates the price as you create your design.Vinyl truck letteringis easy and inexpensive.

Yes. Pleasecontact uswith your logo file for a price quote and include the quantity and maximum space your vinyl logo needs to fit within. We will contact you with a price quote before proceeding.

Its easy to get started. Just create your design and start typing.

No. Vinyl truck lettering is very inexpenseive, especially when you do all the typing. See how inexpensive vinyl lettering is. Just start typing and create your design.

Vinyl lettering will adhere to any smooth, clean non-porous surface. It evens sticks to moving trains! Vinyl truck stickers are made very thin which produces a conformable product that allows application over substrates with rivets, corrugations, and complex curves.

Vinyl truck lettering lasts seven years before it will begin fading in color, cracking and peeling.

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