School Badges

ACR DOM A – Acrylic Domed I.D. Badges

Giving your pupils the praise and encouragement they deserve is what school is all about, and rewarding achievements could not be simpler with our school badges.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, ourschool badgesare an excellent way to make buddies, prefects, head boys, head girls, captains and monitors stand out in the classroom and on the playground. Thanks to the range of styles and finishes available, we are able to provide a number of customised and standard badge products, including titan, hard enamel, cold enamel, holographic and metal button badges.

Ourstar motivation badges- available in traditional gold, silver and bronze, as well as a list of holographic and reflective colours – are the perfect way to celebrate performance on a daily basis. Our customised titan badges can also be tweaked further to include any colour, wording or lettering in the traditional bar or shield shape.

White plastic, flexible keyfob printed in any colour of your choice. Fitted with coloured straps and…

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