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Australias best range of automotive 3D chrome emblem technologies, industrial nameplates, self adhesive, domed (lensed) & metal labels, decals, graphic panels & membrane switches.

Our product branding expertise, your peace of mind

Luna is the Australian product branding expert. If you have a product branding challenge to solve, just call us on 1800 633 533. We will come to you, listen to your requirements, advise an appropriate solution and then we make it exactly the way you want it.

Your time is saved, your nerves are calmed and soon youll have the kind of product branding your customers, competitors and peers will all admire.

We believe that our products are ambassadors for your brand, they must serve to enhance it and to help it succeed for us to succeed.

We help build your brand by meticulously engineering products that:

•    suit their end use and environment

•    stay looking great on your product.

We make every product branding solution you need, and we work hard to make it easy on you.

Talk to us now, youll be glad you did.

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LNIs ability to supply a high quality, hi-tech product to suit our markets delivery expectations is why they have been supplying our company for many years.

LNI has been providing solutions to Hyundai Motor Company Australias business needs for a number of years. Hyundai is a leader in finding innovative solutions to engineering challenges and LNI takes the same approach.

Senior Manager Product Planning, Hyundai

Freecall 1800 633 533 to discuss your requirements with a product branding expert obligation free.

LNI was established in Melbourne in 1970 as a manufacturing screen printer. Since then, our expertise and services have grown to the point where we make and supply Australias largest range of industrial product branding solutions.

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