Lanyards Plain Custom Printed and Badge Holder ID LyarSupplies

Lanyards: Plain, Custom Printed and Badge Holder ID Lanyard Supplies.

can be worn on neck, wrist, arm or waist. Lanyards are mainly designed to carry or display ID cards, name badges or security access control identification holders. As a leading lanyard designer, manufacturer and factory direct supplier, the high quality

We supply high-quality and low budget

students, business employees, government offices, factory workers, military,

, medical hospitals, motels, hotels, restaurants, churches,

birthday parties, airport security staffs, concert, clubs, sports or meeting.

lanyards are lanyard key holders made for carrying all sort of keys. Multi-color silk screen imprinted, dye-sublimation heat transfer printed or woven logo for

lanyards with a variety of hardware attachment options are available. A great discounted

lanyards for sale now, you can shop or buy lanyards, name badges, ID holders and retractable from our online lanyard store with lanyard factory direct discount cost. Please check our online catalogs for more detail information.


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Large Inventory of High Quality and Low Cost

Plain, Blank, or Non-Printed Lanyards

For School, College or University Student, Business, Convention, Meeting, Event, Fundraising, Government Employees ID name Badge Holders.

Secured-BreakawaySafety PlainLanyards.

ID Badge holders or name badge holders

are great products to wear and to display security ID card or name badge identification information. Badge ID holders or

holders also provide a great way to protect your name badges or ID cards from damage or bending. We supply a variety of hard plastic, rigid acrylic and vinyl clear plastic badge holders with the most popular sizes, colors, designs, and styles for photo ID identification security systems.

Badge Clips/Straps, Magnetic, Bulldog or Alligator Clips

come with retractable function. Retractable reels come with a variety of attachment, such as badge straps, badge clips, alligator clips, belt clips, key rings, swivel hooks, cell phone strings, spring hooks, bolt snaps and more. Retractable badge reels or retractable badge holders are great for carrying ID name badges, keys, perfume bottles and small tools. Custom badge reels with metal laser cut domed logo available.

Detachable, Adjustable & Safety Breakaway

Ez-Adjustable Plain, Non-Printed or Blank For Variable Length With Belt or Hat Straps Style ofCam Buckles.

Ez-Adjustable Double EndsPlain, Non-Printed or Blank With Belt or Hat Straps Style of Cam Buckles.LY-406HD

1 Thick and Big Plain Lanyards

For Event Pin Holders, Sports Ticket Holders or ID Badge Holders

Key Holder Wrist Lanyard Applications

With Selection of Non-Metal, Quick Release and Safety Breakaway Style.

Cell Phone Style,Great Add-onLY-604-GL

Detachable and Quick Release Cell Phone

Gold, Nickel, Blue, Red and Green Color

Lanyards with Stretchable Elastic Cords.

Safety Break AwayPlasticLanyards, Clear Plastic Tube Lanyards.

with Pre-Assembled Swivel Hooks and Badge Clips.

Pre-Printed Lanyards with American Flags

More Than 13 Colors and Hundred of Attachment Combination Available

With easy to add-on and easy to exchange hardware attachments –

come with flexible, adjustable, retractable and safety break-away function.

The sturdy, nice looking and safety breakaway braided cord lanyards can directly

hook up a variety of ID name badges, retractable and a variety of deluxe swivel hooks, badge clips, badge straps or key rings. A great adjustable cord lanyards can be used in miscellaneous applications.

with Safety Breakaway Rubber Tube and Adjustable Cord Lock.LY-411

Safety LanyardApplication Instruction Guides

Retractable Safety Lanyards Application Instructions.LY-411RT

With Badge Clips, Key Chains, Swivel Hooks or Spring Hooks.LY-411

with Great Selection of Hardware Attachments.

With Sewn, Coupler, Safety Buckle or

Custom Lanyards, Custom Printed Lanyards, Custom Logo Imprinted Lanyards, Custom Designed Lanyards or Custom Made Lanyards – Personalized and Customized Lanyard Series.

come with a variety of unique designs, weaving, strap colors, width, length, imprinting, safety breakaway devices and hardware attachments.

are black, royal blue, navy blue and red. The

of lanyards are 3/8 and 5/8 wide models. Standard selection of lanyard strap colors are available in black, royal blue, navy blue, white, red, yellow, orange, grey, burgundy, dark green, light green, purple and teal colors. PMS custom color lanyards are available with a minimum order of 5000 pieces. Custom lanyards can be used as neck, wrist, wristband, cell phone, USB, medical, industrial lanyards. High quality

silk screen imprinting and multi-color dye sublimation for personalized and customized logos are available for custom designed and custom made lanyards. Dont panic about how to design or layout your lanyard artworks to make it looked great! We have in house

can go with either plastic breakaway buckles, rubber tubes, or genuine VELCRO brand touch fasteners safety-break -away. Safety breakaway lanyards are available in 1/8, 3/8, 5/8, 3/4 and 1 width. The standard length of custom safety lanyard straps are 36. Any custom length are available. The most commonly picked safety lanyards come with 1 breakaway on the back of neck or on the left/right hand side. Up to

breakaway buckles can be installed on safety lanyards to get multiple protection.

come with 2 open ends, each end comes with hardware attachment. Depending on application, they can come with same hardware or different hardware attachments on each ends. They can be round cord, tube or flat ribbon style of straps. A

large selection of custom hardware attachment

can meet a variety of application, such as used to display ID name badges, hang medical or industrial devices, or military application.

, Cords, Strings, Ribbons, Webbings

Reference Guide For Custom Imprints1/8

Double Ends, Double FastenersLanyards with Custom Length and Custom Hardware.3/8

Lanyards with Two Ends and Custom Length.5/8

LanyardsCustom Fasteners with Two Ends.3/4 &1

Any Pantone,and Reflective ColorsGlow In The Dark Custom Printed

Lanyards or StrapsReflective Color Printed

Just Pick This Color For Extra Safety Protection in Dark.Wrist Round Ring

Wristbands or Wrist RingsWith Sewn, Coupler, Safety Buckle orVelcroFastener.Multi-End

Custom Woven Lanyards, Custom Woven Logo Neck or Wrist Lanyards and Sports Lanyard Series.

lanyards can last life time ! Depending on different type of application, we can weave your logo or specific message directly onto your lanyards, ribbons, straps, strings, cords or webbing with sharp images. General speaking, a

woven lanyards can get a higher resolution woven logo, a

lanyards will have a lower resolution. Woven lanyard can be a one layer flat strap, two layer flat-tube, or soft-touch round cord style. Sports lanyards are mainly designed for sporting or outdoor activities. Most of sporting lanyards come with sturdy rubber rings as attachments for carrying bottled drinks.

Cell Phone Neck or Wrist Lanyards.Thick &CoarselyEmbroideredLanyards

(Most Popular Woven Lanyards).Heavy Duty & Light Weight

Lanyardswith Weaved-In Fine Logos.Sports

Bottled Water or Water Bottle LanyardsSports Lanyard Applications

for ID, Badge, Key Chains or Retractable Badge Holders.Patriotic

lanyard designer, manufacturer and factory direct company

, we supply a complete line lanyards making material with simple on-line instructions!


Most of lanyards are used to carry or display security badges, IDs or name tags, nowadays, more application are using lanyards to carry keys,MP3digital music players,camera, flash drives,USBdevices orfancycellular phones. For sporting, hunting, fishing, camping, outdoor adventure or fundraising, lanyards are also used as fundraising items, or used by duckcallandpaintballsporting team members.

We are lanyard, badge holder, reel, clip and retractable badges and ID card designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, reseller, contractor, vendor, supplier, online shopping store, distributor, exporter and importer, factory direct wholesale cost are provided. Complete line of lanyard hardware accessories are available for handmade lanyard making home business owner, hobby & lobby hand weaver, manufacturers or Do It Yourself DIY lanyard crafters to make personalized and unique lanyards or fashion lanyard crafts. Manufacturer direct low cost are provided to domestic and international ID supply wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, resellers, exporters, importers, contractors, retailers, retail stores, chain stores, restaurants, motels, hotels, churches, gift shops, wholesale stores, online shops, club members, vendors or contractors. With factory direct low cost, we supply to school, college, university, state or federal government buyers, purchasers, individuals or students. We do accept school or government formal purchase orders or special contracts. Please check our online ID name badge lanyard catalogs for more detail information.

Lanyards and Lanyard Making Hardware Supplies and Accessories

We supply complete line of lanyard hardware accessories for lanyard making manufacturers or Do It Yourself DIY crafters to make your own style of fashion lanyards or lanyard crafts. We provide large selection of lanyard supplies and parts for manufacturers.

Lanyard Hardware Attachments: Metal Snap Hooks, Bolt Snaps, Hooks Snaps, Key Ring, D-Ring, O-Ring

Lanyard: Metal Hooks, Snap Hooks, Bolt Snaps

Adjustable Lanyard Cordlock, Cord Lock, Cord Fastener

Lanyard: Cordlock, Cord Lock, Cord Fastener

Lanyards Hardware Accessories: Plastic Snap Hooks, Bolt Snaps, Hooks Snaps, Key Ring, D-Ring, O-Ring, Safety Plastic Buckle.

Lanyard: Plastic Snap Hooks, Hooks, Bolt Snaps, Ring, and Plastic buckle

Lanyard: HP313 Plastic Bolt Snap with Keyring

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