How To Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers

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How To: Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers

Add another element to your stickers by printing them on vinyl!

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Making your own stickersisnt as hard as you may think, even if youre adding another element to it like vinyl. It wont take complicated software and expensive materials. All you need is a little patience and creativity!

You dont need a lot of stuff to make your stickers, but you do need to make all the necessary preparations in advance if you want to complete the project quickly.

First of all, you will need a computer, access to an inkjet printer and an image editor. It doesnt have to be Photoshop or Illustrator. Free software like GIMP or InkScape will do just fine.

You will also need adhesive vinyl sheets to print on, clear laminate to coat the stickers and scissors. A scanner or a camera is optional.

To get started, you need to find the right idea. Even if you dont have one, you can come up with something by looking at other peoples work and taking inspiration from them.

Browse the Internet for some ideas. For starters, check sites like Flickr, DeviantArt or Pinterest or look at ourpreviously published stickers.

A straightforward concept will work best, especially if you are a beginner at this. Dont be afraid to keep things simple.

Sketching on paper will definitely help you in fine-tuning your ideas. Maybe you have several by now, but putting them on paper will show you what works best.

If youre comfortable with it, you can start with digital drawing. If you are not a skilled artist, dont worry. Your sketch doesnt have to be perfect because you will be able to fix it through post-processing.

To bring your concept to life, you need to create a document in the size of your printing paper, choosing a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch and the CMYK color space.

Scan your sketch or take a high-quality photo of it and import it into your document. Remember to clean it up a bit with the help of the contrast adjustment.

With the Pen tool, trace over your sketch, moving your anchor points as you proceed. Vary your stroke width to emulate inking (this is fairly easy if you are using a vector graphics editor).

Unless you want, select bold, attractive hues to add color to the sticker. Crisp, simple graphics will look more striking in the final product.

Now you only need to print and add some finish to the project. Flip your graphics horizontally to ensure your stickers will print in the right orientation.

Copy your sticker graphics multiple times all over your document, minding to keep the stickers away from the borders.

Test on normal paper to make sure all the stickers fit properly and the print quality is as you wish before you use the inkjet vinyl.

Afterprinting your stickers, apply the clear laminate over the vinyl sheet with the graphics facing up. Cut your stickers out with scissors or a trimmer.

Dont worry if you make mistakes at first. Just be patient and correct them. You can reuse the same settings to easily make more stickers in the future and have more fun!

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this is really neat. i love cool stickers 🙂

I love stickers too! It amazes me how so much creativity can be crammed in can be crammed into one little sticker!

I have a few old, vynal stickers at home they are really faded but still are cool

Awesome :)! If you find them and would like to share, contact us on Twitter, Facebook or G+!

I am looking for a durable vinyl media that is not over 1.5-2 mil thick and an ultra thin laminate media. The format is 24 x 50 minimum. (must be 24 wide for my printer and cutter) Can you aim me in the right direction?

Hi Michelle! Unfortunately, vinyl banners are sold only in 3 sizes: 24x 48, 36x 72, and 48x 96. Using the 24x 48 size might be the best choice for your project. Hope this helps!

Do you know any major retail locations that sell the vinyl inkjet paper? Also where can I pick up the clear lam to stick on the top? Thank you!

Hi Tim! You can pick up both vinyl inkjet paper and clear laminating sheets at Staples, Office Depot, or Office Max. Good luck on your project!

Im trying to figure out what kind of printer Id need to make large stickers for flasks (they dont have to be large format I just need to know what I need) does that make sense ? is it the same general process? thank you!

Hi Cyane. Yes, you can still use this same process for making stickers for a flask. Enjoy your new stickers!