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Whats holographic master Origination

Henglei Hologram Ltd provides hologram solution and security holographic products. We manufacture secure hologram sticker, holographic film, hologram hot stamping foil, scratch off hologram, holographic ID overlay and Hologram Machines.

(1) Hologram Master Origination Types and Different Hologram Sticker Security Features.Hologram master origination is a piece of nickel mold which plays a security key role in the hologram manufacturing. Combination of different security features like 2D/3D, Dot-marix, 3D, 2D, E-beam, True Color, CLR & Moire Hidden text, Micron text, Nano text, Guilloche Lines, Multi Chanells, will achieve a good hologram against counterfiet.

Dot-Matrix holographic label allows implementing unlimited computer controlled and laser beam engraved dots in hologram. Dot-matrix hologram is the result of designs comprising many tiny hologrram dots which millions of grating dots viewing angles and position are accurately recorded. They create a beautiful impact of variable images, especial many types of kinetic movements. E-beam hologram system has much smaller dots than Dot-matrix sytem.Stock Dot-matrix patterns

2D/3D hologram sticker is made up of multiple two dimensional layers with holographic images visually placed one behind another. Hologram visual depth produces an effect of three-dimensional holographicc structure by laser optical recording. 2D/3D hologram labels colorful images and clear 3D depth between different layers. Hologram stickers made by 2D & 2D/3D optical recording system have better sharpness and color than Dot-matrix or E-beam sytem.

True color holographic label is made up of photographic quality portrait art-work with natual color. If counterfeiter can not get original portrait, they wont be able to duplicate similar hologram close to original one.

2D hologram sticker is made up of two dimensional images. The holographic images are assigned different colors and position in one layer. All color seperation images and text are on surface, without visual depth. 2D hologram has the highest brightness and sharpnes.

3D HologramStereogram, 3D model hologram sticker,3D Photopolymer.

3D Stereogram hologram labels are made by more than 30 flips hologram images with optical 3D hologram system. Its not possible to copy similar effect 3D hologram successfully from exsist sample. 3D Model hologam is recorded from a small sculpture model by different angles laser beams. Recombination of 3D Stereogram hologram with2D/3Ddot-matrix2DCLR hidden textMicro Textandkinematic guilloche elementshas high security.

Digital and E-beam 3D Hologramwith covert image (CLRandMoire hidden text) and overt security features.

Digital 3D hologram stickers are made by computer synthesized electronic beam dots or high resolution dot-matrix system grating dots which are controlled by software. The E-beam hologram can make nano text, multi-switch, animated CLR and multilevel CLR, as well as 3D, 2D/3D, 2D, hidden text,flip-flops and kinematic elements.

Kinetic animation effect like guilloche lines, zooming, switching, rotation, pillar light and raster effect are available to be made together with 2D/3D and 2D type holograms.2D/3Dtype hologram kinematic movement comes a sequential viewing angle holographic lines/images with different color separation. Dot-matrix type holographic kinematic movement effect has more smooth flips . With special digital and 2D/3D hologram technologies, customized design logo&graph can be incorporated onto perfect kinematic movement hologram patterns.

Covert Laser Readable Hidden Text(CLR images)andMoire Hidden Text in hologram sticker

Hidden text or image contains unique encrypted data, invisible to naked eye and detectable only by means of a pocket reader. Laser readable hidden (covert laser readable) text/image just can be seen with special laser pointer (laser reader). Morie hidden is revealed by covering a piece of decode film on holographic stickers encode area. Boht are covert secutity features. High security dynamic CLR and multilevel CLR with morie covert features are available to be to incorporated together.Two kind of hidden Text(image) in hologram

Multichannel switch and flip-flop effect. 2D/3D, Dot-Matrix, E-beam hologram allows display two or more images from different viewing angles. When the viewing angle changes horizontally (left to right) or vertically (upside and down), different images evolve through the hologram label. This switch effect with multichannels are overt features.

Micro Text or Image in hologram labelsNano text, concealed images and other Overt security.

Micro text or micro image in holographic label is difficult to be seen clearly by naked eye . Its visual inspection clearly by magnifier and microscope. Nano text has smaller font than micron text. Micron text, enforced error micron text, nano text has font size as 10 micron, 25 micron, 100 micron.

Security Flash Light and Len effect, speckle effect, random interference fringes, matt color gives good security and appearance.

Combination of hologram creates an impact that has extra-ordinary viewing effects and also security features. Usually, its good to combine 2D, 2D/3D and dot-matrix together to result2Dsharpness,dot-matrixkinematic movements and2D/3Dgood viewing depth.CLR hidden textmoire hidden textmicro texttrue colordigital 3Dimprove hologram sticker security as well asVOID,Honeycomb,ORIGINALtamper evidentparttern releasedmaterial and laser etching/de-metalizationsequential numbers

(2) Security Tamper Proof Types.Pattern released tamper evident material, serial numbers,de-metalization, security slit and special shape die-cutting improve hologram sticker security too. Destructive/Tamper Evident, VOID Tamper Proof, ORIGINAL Tamper Proof, Honeycomb Tamper Proof, Transparent Tamper Evident, VOID Transparent Tamper Evident.

Pressure Tamper Evident Hologram Sticker(Middle Level Security Material)

Tamper-proof also called pressure sensitive or tamper evident. Tamper-proof holographic sticker will be damaged when its removed. Tamper-proof holographic image cannot be removed without getting destroyed and cannot be reused anymore.

VOID Pattern Release Tamper EvidentHoneycomb Pattern Release Tamper EvidentORIGINAL Pattern Tamper Evident(High Level Security Material)

Pattern release tamper evident holographic labels leave VOID, ORIGINAL, Honeycomb shape words residue when removed. Customized design word or image residue also can be made which is separated from aluminum layer when hologram sticker is damaged.Overprinting releaseholographic sticker leaves over printing word or image in red, black and other colors.VOID, ORIGINAL Pattern Released Hologram

Tamper Evident Transparent HologramVOID Transparent Tamper Proof(High Level Security in Transparent)

Transparent holographic sticker is see through type security holographic label. We have tamper-proof, VOID tamper evident and non tamper proof transparent holographic sticker which prevent photocopying and forgeries of document with clear see through view.

Non Pressure Tamper Evident Hologram Sticker

Non pressure tamper evident holographic stickers image wont be damaged when its torn off from surface on which its pasted such as paper, glass and plastic card, etc. The non tamper proof hologram sticker is widely use on textile tag as washable label.

Transparent holographic ID Card OverlaysTransparent Hologram Decal for Mobile Screen

(3) Security Hologram Sticker with Laser Etching Numbering/Logo/Text, Black color over printing logo/text/number/barcode/QR code

Serial Number on Hologram Stickerhaslaser etched serial numberandblack ink numberHologram Special Shape Cuttingalso helps to enhance hologram security and appearance. Serial running number or random number is additional security feature for holographic sticker. They are widely used to improve management of goods trace andprice labelanti counterfeit. Custombarcode/logo/serial number,QR codecan be printed onspoon roll hologram stickerby desktop barcode thermal printer. We also makeDual/Triple Serial number,Holographic Sticker with Sequential Numbers

Laser Etching Number/Logo, Black Ink Number/Logo, Overprinting

UV Ink and Thermochromic Inkfor security.

(4) Different Material Color for Holographic Sticker & Holographic Film & Hot Stamping foil

Silver, Golden, Blue, Red, Green color and Transparent PET metallized film

Metallized PET film has different colors. More than 90% holographic sticker is made ofsilver colormaterial because silver material has best brightness Other color material :GoldenRedBlueGreenPinkTransparent

Transparent Hologram Sticker&Transparent Holographic Decal

Transparent hologram sticker, Transparent hologram overlay,Tamper Evident TransparentVOID Transparent Tamper Proof

(5) Different Material Thickness for Holographic Labels

25micron, 36micron, 50micron, 100micron thickness PET metallized film

Holographic sticker metalized aluminum PET film optional thickness is 25 micron, 36micron, 50micron, 100 micron. 25 micron pressure sensitive PET material is default option for secure holographic sticker.

(5) Roll & Sheet, Cutting shape & size, Over printing

Spoon Hologram Label, Holographic Sticker in Roll,Sticker in roll format and application machineSticker in roll

Holographic sticker in sheet format is easy for manual application. If cusotmer apply the holographic label by automatic machine, spoon roll hologram label is available. Spoon roll holographic label has same gap precisely, like 3mm, 4mm, 5mm,6mm. Its also suitable for thermal barcode printer to print logo/number/text/QR code on. Ourhologram price labelis good for price gun labeller printing and application too.Barcode/logo/serial numberBlack ink number&QR code printed on roll sticker

Special Shape Cutting HologramWe can cut any shape as customer requirement from size 6mm*6mm to 156mm*160mm.

Well make several different effect artworks free for customer approval. After order confirmation and artwork approval, well produce and show hologram master origination which has same effect as final hologram.

Hologram Equipment & Pruduction Line Set Up, Technology Transfer and Training:Affordable Hologram MachineryHolographic Sticker Production PhotoesHologram Hot Stamping Machinery and ProjectHologram Machine, Whole Set Hologram Production Line with Hologram Technology Transfer.To see all specification and vedio of hologram machinery, please visit link:Whole Set Hologram Production Line.Master shooting systemHologram Hot Stamping Machine.

Holographic Sticker Sample Photoes:3D art hologramfor display/decoration3D photoemulsion hologram produces a three dimensional image of an object.Other Holograms Sticker SamplesHologram seal

Hologram Master Origination Supply:We supply whole set hologram machines including holographic master shooting system, electronic forming machine, hologram embosser, lamination & coating machine and die-cutting machine.Hologram Foil Pattern.Holograms have 3D stereogram hologram, digital 3D hologram, 2D/3D hologram, Dot-matrix hologram and recombination of different types holograms to enhance security. Assistant secuity features such ashiddentexts, micron text, kinematicguillochelines, pearl dots, true color/photo, flip-flop/switching/multi-channels, solid white, flash fight, will improve security too. The hologram has the more security features conbination will have more security. Security pressure tamper evident holographic stickerwith VOID, ORIGINAL, honeycomb shape pattern released feature, black serial number and transparent demetalized sequantial number, laser hidden text, morie hidden text and special micron text also enhance your security greatly. We have more than one hundred general designs hologram label and holographic film, hologram hot stamping foil, transparent hologram ID overlay in stock. We also supply different size holographic master origination upto size 1200mm*650mm.New Big Master Origination

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