Good Samaritan Bible Lesson

By Bill Myers & Andy J. Smith / Zonderkidz

This retelling of The Good Samaritan teaches the importance of being a good friend. Mom and Pop Roly Poly and their little Rolies, Junior and Sissy, find themselves face-to-face with some biker flies. It looks like big trouble for Pop! Will anyone stop to help him? Someone will–the last person anyone expects. With humor and whimsical illustrations your child will love, thisBug Parableretells one of the Bibles most loved stories, showing what it takes to be a good neighbor.

TheBug Parablesseries brings the stories and teachings of the Bible to life. Children will love the colorful illustrations and humorous, touching stories. And parents will love how their little ones are learning the principles of Gods Word at and early age, and enjoying it so much! Recommended for ages 4 to 7.

Free Lesson ideas, activities, and resources

for teaching children about being a good

neighbor. This Good Samaritan lesson is

great for learning about the teachings of

Jesus, how to love our neighbors as

ourselves! Youll find free Coloring pages,

Read the story of the Good Samaritan inLuke 10:25-37

Mission Arlington has a freeKind Man bible lessonyou can use for preschool ages and up. Included is abible memory verse, story time activity, snack suggestion, craft and more.

Childrens Ministry Online also has afree lesson for the Good Samaritanyou can download and print it aswell.

Background Informationon the story of the Good Samaritan and Role Play ideas from Sunday SchoolResources, and here is a link for some morefor older children there are quite a few things you could use more near the bottom

…do to others what you would have them do to you…Matthew 7:12Print upcustom bible verse cardsfromSunday School Printables.

Or pick up a set ofGolden Rule Stickers, you can get a pack of 120 for less then $2 atGood Samaritan Coloring Pages

Jesus Heals Worksheet.Let children color in thepicture to look like them (available in boy or girl) andthen have them think of a time when they got anowie Give them a band-aid to cover up the spotwhere the owie was, and talk with them about what itmeans to help someone else.

MSSS Bible has an adorableHelping Hands Craftits very cute, and would take some preparationbefore class, cutting and getting the little books ready.

Danielles Place has an adorable little take home treat, called Compassion Rolls. Youll have to scrolldown a bit till you find the Good Samaritan heading

Sunday School Crafts has some cute ideas for Kindness. Here is aKindness Flower Craft, and

Consider making a First Aid Kit for children to take home with them. (Depending on their age level, youcould just all help to make a Classroom First Aid Kit ) here are a couple neat ideas:

prinatble matchbook you can make for children.

Bring along a few band-aids, and let them keep a

couple to take home with them. Talk with them about

saving them for a special time when a friend, family

member or even neighbor is in need of a bandaid.

Print upGood Samaratin AwardsfromSunday SchoolPrintables

DLTK has atake home sheetfor youngerchildren

E-Bible Teacher has afor older children

Good Samaritan. Here is a link to somePrintables you can use for the storythere!there!Good Samaritan Bible Story Time

If youd like to spark things up a bit in your class, think about bringing in a small TV for thechildren to watch this short clip about The Good Samaritan. This is athat you can present to them in class.