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We have a nice assortment of ammuniton for collectors, best in the area of U.S. military cartridges.

Scroll down the page to look at all of it, or use the links to get to the section that interests you most.

U.S. Military Cartridges 1865-1965. Boxes, bandoleers, some single rounds, and related items.

U.S. Military Miscellaneous Cartridges, components, manuals, etc.

Collectible Powder Flasks, Powder Cans, Powder Horns, Bullet Molds, Reloading Tools for collectors, etc

Collectible Commercial Cartridges and Components

Modern Ammunition and Re-Loading Supplies

Great Reference Books!

The definitive work for all types of Civil War small arms ammunition. Based on years of research and collecting specimens, Dean Thomas accurately identifies the ammo, where it was made, the contract details, how it was packed, and often, where it was shipped. This is the full THREE VOLUME SET, not a single volume. There may be additional volumes in the future, but it will take a while to read these. Details of each volume follow. All are 8.5 x 11 hardbound, total of over 1350 pages!. Round Ball to Rimfire — Part One Federal Ordnance Dept., Arsenals, Smoothbores & Rifle Muskets. (344 pages) Part One covers Federal rifle musket and smoothbore ammunition. Detailed information on the Ordnance Department, Northern arsenals, patents, designers, & manufacturers of Federal musket ammunition. Round Ball to Rimfire — Part Two Federal Breechloading Carbines and Rifles (528 pages) This book fully covers Federal carbine and rifle ammunition. Detailed information on patents, designers, & manufacturers of Federal breechloaders and their ammunition. Round Ball to Rimfire — Part Three Federal Pistols, Revolvers & Misc. Essays (488 pages) This is Part Three of the projected four-part series on Civil War small arms ammunition. This volume thoroughly covers Federal pistol ammunition. Detailed information on patents, designers, & manufacturers. Miscellaneous essays wrap-up the Northern side of the story. Regular price is $139.90 but we are selling the set of three volumes with FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED for only $125.00(View Picture)

An absolutely essential book for anyone interested in U.S. military small arms ammunition prior to WW2. Virtually every regular and experimental round from .22 rimfire through .50 BMG and Trench Gun ammo is included with unbelievable detail and superbly done accurate detailed drawings and images of boxes. The definitive work! Compiled from decades of research at the National Archives, military, public, and private museums and libraries, as well as individual collections, this contains all available information on military small arms ammunition from 1880-1939. Addendum to Volume 1 with 28 pages of additional information, research, and corrections to volume 1. (priced at $7.95 if bought separately) comes FREE with purchase of this volume. $89.00

New Additions

NOTE: We were fortunate to acquire several dozen boxes (full, partial or empty) from some of the most advanced collections of .30-06 ammunition ever assembled. Some are the actual ones pictured in Chris Punnetts superb book .30-06 (available above) and others came from another long time specialist in that field. Some are extremely scarce, perhaps unique, other are rare, and some are minor variations of fairly common types. In any case, this is a great opportunity to add some interesting boxes to your collection.

We will list these among the new items for now, and then may start a separate section below in the future.

We will be happy to shrink wrap boxes of ammo in plastic for display. Just ask when ordering, and we will do it for you. Depending on our schedule, it may delay shipment by a few days.

**NEW ADDITION**Frankford Arsenal reloaded and repacked circa 1914. It is nearly impossible to find early boxes of Frankford Arsenal .30-40 Krag ammunition and the boxes are usually pretty ratty, so we were delighted to find this one. Box is pretty good, but label is torn although it displays nicely now that it is shrink wrapped in plastic. $65.00(View Picture)

**NEW ADDITION**Great for display with a rifle in that caliber circa 1946-1955. Shrink wrapped for display, but ammo is nice and clean. Box is VG condition with just a bit of scuffing on the corners and sharp edges but displays nicely. $55.00(View Picture)

**NEW ADDITION**Original WW2 bandoleer with original contents, but lot card is missing, and there is a small tear on the back of one of the pockets so price is lower than the nicer examples, but still a fine collector item. This is corrosive ammo, sold for display use only. $40.00(View Picture)

**NEW ADDITION**NOTE- WE ADVISE AGAINST SHOOTING THIS AMMO IN M1 GARAND RIFLES1 Per Hackely, Woodin & Scranton History of Modern U.S. Military Small Arms Ammunition Volume III (1946-1977) page 112 there is a potential problem with the RR prefix repacked lots of .30 Ball M2 ammunition sold by the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program). This was ammunition made for use by the Military Assistance Program, mainly Thailand and Vietnam, which took place from the 1960s to about April 1975. The suspect ammunition loaded for FMAP was intended for use in .30 caliber machine guns and waivers were granted to use WC 852 ball powder which had given higher gas port pressures in M1 rifles but was deemed suitable for machine gun use. It is not clear if the waivered powder was only used the last few years (1972-1975) or if it may have been used as early as 1969. Prolonged use could distort the operating rod. (Note that this is distinctly separate from the .30 Ball M2 made for the DCM program in 1966-67 with LC 66 or LC 67 headstamps which was loaded with WC 852 or IMR 4895 powder and are perfectly good for M1 rifles.) We do not want you to risk damaging the op rod of your M1 Garand, so we are selling this ammo as collector ammunition, and if you damage your Garand, its your fault, not ours. We would not hesitate to use it in bolt action rifles or machine guns as the pressure and velocity overall were within specs, except for being high at the Garand gas port location. If you like, you could break these down, trash the powders, and reload using your favorite powder load and the original non-corrosive primers and military bullets. One full .30 caliber can with 280 rounds in 35 M1 Garand clips with cardboard protectors $115.00(View Picture)

**NEW ADDITION**3 rounds 7.7x58mm SR (Semi-Rimmed) Ball (red band at mouth) in a section of the brass feed strip for Type 92. 97, 99 or Type 1 machine guns; 1 round 7.7x58mmSR (Semi-Rimmed) Armor Piercing (black band at mouth) used only in Type 92 machine guns; 1 round 7.7x58mm (Rimless) Ball (red band at mouth) for use in Type 99 rifles; 1 round 6.5x50mmSR (Semi-Rimless) for use in Type 38 and Type I rifles; and 1 8x21mm pistol round for use in Type 14 pistols. All live, original WW2 Japanese military issue, with typical unmarked headstamp. $20.00(View Picture)

**NEW ADDITION**What you see is what you get. Perfect for your man cave, gun room, or ammo reference library. This is a matching pair of two bookends. The metal bases are about 6 x 11.5 and have two U.S. 20mm (20 x 102mm) Dummy cartridges T228 screwed to the base. Good markings on the projectile, but I think the fuzes have been repainted. A few chips or scrapes. From a retired USAF officer estate. INERT- no flammable or explosive material. $20.00(View Picture)

**NEW ADDITION**By Fred Datig, hardbound 176 pages 6 x 9 with excellent dustjacket. Overll excellent, one of the essential reference books for cartridge collectors, but you really need all four volumes. This covers a variety of rimfire, centerfire and patent ignition cartridges. $18.00(View Picture)

**NEW ADDITION**Hardbound, privately published 1962, 567 pages about 5 x 8. Former owners name on inside front cover along with P.O. Ackleys August 1989 obituary clipping from the Salt Lake City newspaper with biographical info on this important figure in American firearms history. This book is loaded with info on both factory and wildcat calibers, many of which Ackley was involved with. Used VG-fine $20.00(View Picture)

**NEW ADDITION**Nice .50 caliber can with sharp markings showing that it was filled with 400 rounds (20 cartons) of M72 Match caliber .30 ammunition which was used in the 1961 National Matches. Great for display with a National Match Garand rifle from 1961. (The white stuff on the end latch is just an old paper label which will come off with some WD-40. $35.00(View Picture)

**NEW ADDITION**Nice clean full bandoleer with lot info printed on the cloth. Nice original U.S. GI non-corrosive ammo for your shooting or collecting pleasure. Nice addition to a Korean or Vietnam War display. $60.00(View Picture)

Nicely stenciled 250 CAL..30 CARTRIDGES LINKED BALL M2 LOT SL 37219. Overall fine condition. $25.00(View Picture)

The .45 ACP cartridge was made in Australia at the MG factory ( 2, Footscray) in 1943-44 for use in the large number of Thompson submachine guns which had been provided them under Lend Lease. Headstamp is MG (code for the Footscray factory, 43 (date) IZ (model designation) and .45 (caliber). Box is full with 25 rounds of nice clean ammo, although the label is a bit rough. Box has been shrink wrapped in plastic for display after taking photos. A nice collectible and scarce WW2 box. $49.00(View Picture)

lot DEN 14449 with DEN 42 headstamp. Blue tips. Full sealed box with red and yellow striped label retaining nice bright colors. There is a small amount of dirt/staining across the top of the label and some minor tip damage to the bottom of the box, otherwise a very nice box, far better than most we have had recently. Shrink wrapped in plastic for display. $115.00(View Picture)

lot DEN 14449 with DEN 42 headstamp. Blue tips. Full sealed box with red and yellow striped label retaining nice bright colors. Hard to find the boxes of Incendiary in any condition, especially with tips not sticking out thru the bottom of the box. This is near excellent with nice clean label with only a couple of tiny scuffs, seal intact and almost no tip damage to the bottom. Shrink wrapped in plastic for display with Headstamp marked on the plastic (not the box). One of the best we have had for sale in several years. $125.00(View Picture)

This is the type made with the hollow wooden bullets. These are extremely scarce compared to solid lead bullet or jacketed cartridges, and many collectors have never seen even a loose round, let alone a full box. This box probably dates to shortly after 1912 when Remington and Union Metallic Cartridge companies merged their marketing efforts to maybe 1920. While most people automatically think trapdoor when .45-70 is mentioned, there were many other rifles sold in .45-70 caliber including the Winchester Model 1886. Label on the box is a bit worn and some of the black print has worn off, but still a presentable example of a scarce type of ammunition used for hunting small game. $125.00(View Picture)

Nice clean full bandoleer of 120 rounds on 10 round stripper clips. Headstamp LC 52. We have only had a couple of these over the years, but recently got a spam can of five which we are selling off individually. These are the later improved M27 with the orange tips, not the early M16 with red tips. $135.00(View Picture)

Some of the reloading material from an estate we got: .35 Remington cases, fired, deprimed and resized. Remington or Winchester brand, mixed. We have the following A- Bag of 60 cases- $40.00 B- Bag of 60 cases- $40.00 C- Bag of 92 cases- $55.00(View Picture)

Nicely stenciled 250 CAL..30 CARTRIDGES LINKED BALL M2 LOT SL 37219. Overall fine condition. $25.00(View Picture)

This is an unusual packing variation with 8 round clips of .30 Ball ammo packed loose (well, neatly stacked) without bandoleers. These were actually repacked by Red River in 1994 from undelivered stocks of .30-06 ammo made during Vietnam for foreign aid use at machine gun ammo. Since it was for that purpose and to be linked, they allowed waivers on the powder with different burning characteristics than usual for rifle ammo. However, since it was left over, the CMP program obtained it and had it repacked in 8 round clips for sale through the CMP program. Later it was discovered that the different powder had the potential to damage the operating rods if used extensively in the M1 Garand, although it was fine for use in bolt action rifles. At one time I had a collection of many different variations of stencils and uses of .30 cal ammo cans and this was one of the most elusive to find. Great for an obsessive collector, or just as another ammo can for storing stuff. $20.00(View Picture)

Lot WRA 23170, made circa 1952-53 when Winchester and Remington received new contracts for .30 Ball ammunition for use in the Korean War. Headstamp probably WRA 52 or WRA 53. Nice clean full sealed box. Shrink wrapped in plastic for display. $25.00(View Picture)

For Model of 1903 Rifles- Full SEALED box loaded at Frankford Arsenal in 1913 according to the date stamped on the top. This is the type with the fluted shoulder to give positive identification by touch to distinguish from a regular ball round. An exceptionally nice clean box. Shrink wrapped in plastic for display. $75.00(View Picture)

Rare WW1 aircraft ammo box. Shrink wrapped in plastic for display and looks better now than in the photo. This ammunition was made by the United States Cartridge Company, Lowell, Mass in 1918. One corner of the box has been slightly opened and the two rounds visible have the special aircraft double crimp (ring crimp and triple stab crimp) to ensure no primer backing out which would jam aircraft guns which were not accessible to clear while in flight. Headstamps are two types . 18 and U.S.C.Co. *18* the latter indicating that the cases were made by the Hooker extrusion process. A rare bit of early military aviation history, this is one of the few Aircraft Use Only boxes we have seen in the last 20 years. $95.00(View Picture)

W.O. 4305 MI, March 1949 No Waterproofing at Mouth Sealed box. Cases have FA 49 headstamp and the zinc colored primer being tested for adoption as one of the early non-corrosive primiers for .30-06 ammunition. Interesting item which illustrates the complexity of evolving ammunition to meet new technology or overcome old problems. Full sealed box, shrink wrapped in plastic for display. $20.00(View Picture)

Nice clean box of WW2 ball ammunition. Exceptionally nice full sealed box with the red stripe indicating that it contains Ball ammunition. Made at Eau Claire, headstamp probably EW 43 or EW 4. Shrink wrapped in plastic for display. Exceptionally nice box. $30.00(View Picture)

250 linked 4 AP M2, 1 Tracer M25, with both the individual lots and the linked functional lot being TW (Twin Cities). Nice can, nice marking, with August 13, 1954 date! $35.00(View Picture)

These are from a local estate which had a large amount of ammo. The owner was a shooter and reloader and liked to keep his ammo neatly packed in factory type 50 round boxes. We have a lot of these and want to blow them out in a single deal. About 2,000 have been deprimed, and the other 900 are raw, with nothing dine since firing. Usually the 50 round box will have all the same headstamps although not necessarily related to who made the box itself. Overall there are a mix of many different makers and headstamps. We will leave them in the boxes if you like, or will dump them all into a single large box for shipping which will reduce shipping cost. Priced at about 2 cents each. (Sorry, no photos on these.) $55.00

These are from a local estate which had a large amount of ammo. The owner was a shooter and reloader and liked to keep his ammo neatly packed in factory type 50 round boxes. We have a lot of these and want to blow them out in a single deal. Usually the 50 round box will have all the same headstamps although not necessarily related to who made the box itself. Overall there are a mix of many different makers and headstamps. We will leave them in the boxes if you like, or will dump them all into a single large box for shipping which will reduce shipping cost. Priced at about 4 cents each (Sorry, no photos on these.) $100.00

These are original U.S. military boxes of 20 CARTRIDGES, TRACER, CALIBER .30 M1 from an estate we purchased. These boxes are ones that had the top opened and/or the tips of the bullets are poking through the bottom of the box. We would call these grade 3 for a collector due to box condition, but ammo looks nice and clean. The boxes are a bit rough for use for display purposes as single boxes, but fine if you need some to fill up a wooden crate, or want to belt/link some up for display or firing use in one of the .30 caliber machines guns. Sometimes you can cut a new piece of cardboard to cover the bottom of the box and when shrink wrapped will display okay, but we dont have time to mess with that. The boxes we checked have either Twin Cities (TW) or Denver (DEN) headstamps and markings on the box, with 42 or 43 dates. There may be a few stray boxes with other makers or dates in the pile, but we will just pull them out of the crate and you get the five boxes off the top. If requested, we will try (but not guarantee) to get all boxes from the same maker if that is important to you. Red tips on all, ranging from very opaque red to a very thin red, reflecting normal variation in quality of markings at the makers. SPECIAL BARGAIN DEAL- LOT OF FIVE BOXES (100 rounds total) ORIGINAL WW2 .30-06 TRACER AMMO IN BOXES for only $100.00(View Picture)

See photo for details of the boxes included. These are EMPTY cartons which held ten 50 round boxes. Most in excellent condition, but you can see more in the photos. Probably circa 1960s-1980s. These will be shipped folded flat so FREE SHIPPING on these. Only one set available. $22.00(View Picture)

Probably 1960s-70s, nice clean sealed box wrapped in plastic. $15.00(View Picture)

– Nice clean full box, LOT FA S-13 with headstamp FA 56. These have steel cases made at a time when the U.S. military was actively pursuing steel case manufacture to gain experience in case of copper shortages in a future war made use of steel necessary. These are great for display where you dont want visitors to get their hands on live ammo, or for use in training or testing or repairs. Of course, every collection should have a box of these, along with the other .45 ACP ammo types, the early 20 round boxes, and 50 round boxes of brass case and WW2 steel case. Price for one box of 50 rounds as shown in the photo. If requested when ordering we will shrink wrap in plastic and include an extra loose round to show contents- $30.00(View Picture)

Military contract style packing, made by Sako A. B., (Suojeluskuntain Ase-je Konepa ja Oy), Riihimaki, Finland, in 1958. Will shrink wrap in plastic at no charge if requested at time of purchase. $20.00(View Picture)

See the photo for details of the boxes included. All have the original contents with bright and clean boxes, not scuffed or price marked or anything. A great start for someone who wants to get into .22 Box collecting, or have a colorful assortment to display with one or more guns in .22 Long Rifle caliber. Dates are mostly circa 1960s-1980s, I think. See photos for contents of sets A and B. Nine boxes are the same in both sets, but Set A has The lot of 10 boxes for $55.00(View Picture)

Lot LC 13425 circa 1960s. Nice clean sealed box. Will shrink wrap in plastic at no charge if requested at time of purchase. Great for display with any U.S. military .30-06 caliber rifle to show the various types of ammo they used. $15.00(View Picture)

Headstamp LC 77. These are packed 5 to a cardboard box, with a kraft-foil overwrap with nomenclature printed on the outside. Sealed pack of five rounds, plus one loose round to show contents. $20.00(View Picture)

This is a very nice box of 20 Cartridges, Tracer, Caliber .30 made at Twin Cities Ordnance Plant in 1943 with headstamp 43 TW and red tips. Nice bright green and yellow striped label, and tips are not poking through the bottom. But, alas, the paper label sealing the top flap has been opened so it is no longer a sealed box. However, it has been shrink wrapped in plastic and displays as a full sealed box unless you look really close. So, the price is a bargain at only $35.00(View Picture)

Lot FA-79 with headstamp FA + 63. We have several boxes with condition as shown in the photos. Grade I- full sealed, no tape at $25 per box; Grade 2- full with yellowed cellophane tape on label which may or may not be opened at $20 per box; and Grade 3 with masking tape on label which may or may not be opened at $18 per box.(View Picture)

The photo is pretty much self explanatory. A typical .50 cal ammo can, but used by Lake City in 1985 (per the lot number) to hold:.62mm match bullets. Markings are:


P/N 8595434


CAL. .30 M72 OR 7.62mm M118

LOT LC-85F 950-010

Note the use of the honeycomb cardboard filler pieces to reduce the useful volume of the can. With the bullets shown (not sure if there are 1366 there or something less) the can weighed about 39 pounds. We sold the bullets but have the can for the obsessive collector of really unusual military ammunition stuff. Can and one sample bullet is what you get, not the rest of the bullets shown. $35.00(View Picture)

These are from the estate of a past President of the Winchester Arms Collectors Assn, and he used them as part of various display with Winchester. These look much better when wrapped in plastic, but we had to unwrap all of them to verify contents. Some boxes are full of the original ammo, some partial boxes, some with fired cases and some are empty- as noted in the descriptions. We will be happy to shrink wrap any of these in plastic at no charge if you request at time of purchase. What you see is what you get.

22666A- FULL original box of 50 rounds, .25-20 Winchester, 86 grain softpoint, $75.00(View Picture)

22666B- FULL original box of 20 rounds, .30-40 (Krag) SUPERSPEED, 180 grain softpoint, $40.00(View Picture)

22666C- FULL original box of 20 rounds, .308 Winchester SUPERSPEED, 180 grain softpoint. Will look better when wrapped. $35.00(View Picture)

22666D- PARTIAL original box of 20 rounds, 12 rounds remaining, .375 H&H Magnum, SILVERTIP, 300 grain. Front of box torn at top right with tape repair, but displays nicely and will look better when wrapped. $55.00(View Picture)

22666E- FULL original box of 20 rounds, .401 Winchester Self Loading, 200 grain softpoint. One end flap disfigured from removal of old price label. $125.00(View Picture)

22666F- FULL original box of 50 rounds .351 Winchester Self Loading, 180 grain full jacket, nice box. $95.00(View Picture)

22666G- Lot of TWO BOXES with original FIRED CASES. One box .25-35 SUPERSPEED, 117 grain softpoint; One box .308 Winchester 150 grain SILVERTIP. Both boxes for $15.00(View Picture)

22666H- Lot of FOUR EMPTY BOXES: (a) .458 Winchester Magnum, 510 grain SUPERSPEED; (b) .30-06 180 grain SILVERTIP; (c) .219 Zipper SUPERSPEED 56 grain hollow point; (d) .32 Winchester Special, 170 grain softpoint. All FOUR BOXES for $20.00(View Picture)

This is a carton for 1,000 primers, with markings as shown in the photos. It has 8 full sealed trays of 100 primers each and two which have been opened and are probably missing some. Great for display with vintage reloading equipment or firearms. Not sure of age, but think about mid-1940s. Sold as collector items only, not warranted as safe for actual use in reloading. $20.00(View Picture)

The first version of Dr. Richard Gatlings hand cranked machine gun was made in .58 caliber and used steel chambers (think cartridge) which were sort of a primitive cartridge, with a heavy steel case having a standard musket nipple screwed into the back for a percussion cap (to act as the primer) and the front was bored out to be loaded using standard .58 caliber musket cartridges powder and Minie ball. After each firing the steel chambers would be collected, cleaned, and loaded with powder, bullet and primer and be ready for use again. Shortly after the Gatling Gun was developed, large caliber rimfire cartridges became available, and these percussion chambers were modified (or new ones made) with the section for the nipple bored out and a groove cut for the rim. A simple modification of the gun to have the firing pin strike off center at the rim instead of at the nipple made tehse guns much more effective as it was simple to poke out the fired case and insert a new .58 caliber rimfire cartridge. This use of individual chambers to hold cartridges was quickly abandoned, and all the later guns fed cartridges directly from the magazine into the breech of the barrel. These percussion chambers for Gatling guns are nearly extinct with only handful known in museums of the most advanced collectors. This is a high quality replica made a number of years ago. A key piece of Gatling or Machine Gun history or cartridge evolution, and these are the only two we have ever found or heard of. Shown with a .30-06 cartridge for scale. We have several of the .58 rimfire short Gatling gun cartridges available (listed elsewhere on the page), and buyer of a chamber can add one of the .58 rimfire cartridges at the bargain price of $85.00 making it $180 for the two items. Price for ONE of the percussion chambers as shown in the photo is $95.00(View Picture)

Full sealed box of 50 rounds of WW2 steel case .45 ACP ammo made at the Evansville, IN, Ordnance Plant. Headstamp is E C S 43. Nice full sealed box in the cheap kraft box with black printing. Lot EC-S 25244 Will include free sample of a steel case round upon request but headstamp may or may not be exactly the same on these. These were issued with all the .45 caliber weapons, M1911 pistols, M3 and Thompson SMGs during WW2 and for a long time afterwards. $25.00(View Picture)

We were lucky enough to get a number of these and are offering them at blowout prices. All are U.S. military WW2 dated ball ammunition, six 8 round clips for the M1 Garand in cotton bandoleers for a total of 48 rounds. Normally each soldier carried two bandoleers in addition to ammo in their cartridge belts for combat. These were packed before they began stamping the nomenclature on the bandoleer itself and still used a cardboard lot card stuck in a pocket to identify the type of ammunition, maker and lot. Since we have several, lot numbers may be different than shown in the photos, but will be same date.

A- DENVER -1942- nice clean ammo, clips and bandoleers with the cardboard inserts and lot cards. $75.00 per bandoleer.(View Picture)

B- ST. LOUIS -1942- nice clean ammo, clips and bandoleers with the cardboard inserts and lot cards. $75.00 per bandoleer.(View Picture)

C- Missing lot card and the cardboard inserts. Have several and some bandoleers have Denver made ammo and others have St. Louis. Bargain priced at $48 per bandoleer (Same as in other photos, just no lot card or inserts)

Full box, with nice clean label, still sealed, shrink wrapped in plastic for display (after the photos were taken).. Since the box is sealed we are not sure of the headstamp, but they are steel cases probably marked with 1943 date of case manufacture, and the label reflects actual loading in 1944. The Germans used 16 round boxes to avoid waste from having loose rounds left over if they had used 20 or 50 round boxes. The P-08 Luger and P-38 pistols both had 8 round magazines, and the MP-38 or MP-40 submachine guns used 32 round magazines, so the 16 round boxes made a lot of sense. Nice clean sealed box, getting hard to find. Have several and some may vary slightly in the label text or stamped box markings from what is in the photo. $35.00(View Picture)

Headstamp is 7.65 x 54 SF 75 indicating manufacture at Fbrica Militar de Cartuchos San Francisco, San Francisco, Argentina in 1975. This cartridge is sometimes called the 7.65 x 54, or 7.65 x 53.5mm. Nice clean ammo, in unmarked cardboard cartons. Nice for display with any of the Argentine Mauser rifles The lot of 30 for $12.00(View Picture)

20286 M1 GARAND CLIPS (12 EACH) – 12 US GI M1 Garand clips, used excellent to new condition. Lot of 12- enough to fill two bandoleers or one cartridge belt (with two left over) $18.00 (View Picture)(View Picture)

Ammunition Lot EC 24476 made at Evansville Ordnance Plant in 1944. Full sealed box, one of a bunch we got from a nearly full crate. Nice clean original WW2 ammo, exactl