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A ratherlarge chunkof amber, this weighs 30.5 grams and is about 2.5 x 1.5 x .3 inches.  Inside is a minespiderone smallandbut easilyseen.  Near thespideris whatlooks likea single mammalian hair -rather cool.

A nice sized piece that has a modifiedamber tubewith a bunch ofanimalsthat became stuck 20 million years ago. an amber tube is a tubewithin a tubeas a result of separate resin flows.  There are a few beetles (one largeand one small), aroachflies, Diptera, Brachycera, afungus gnat, Diptera, Mycetophilidae, and even a partly eaten leaf. Lookslike somemiscellaneouslegs floatinginthe amber.

Rather aninterestingpiece of amber. Not particularly polished,but smooth. This chunk has3 worker termites, Isoptera. The termites areso bloated thatthey are almost unrecognizable. A fun piece to look at with a magnifier. You will like this different piece of Dominican amber.

Thisdoes havea nicebarklousePsocoptera, but there is something else.3 unknownsare scattered around this clear piece. I thought they may beseedsorbracts from flowers, but I do not think so. Interesting.

This is a veryrare specimen. Sawflies are very hard to find (I have seen only 2) inDominican amber- orany amberas far as that goes. This is amale sawfly, Hymenoptera,Argidae. The4 antennaeon this particular piece are fantastic. This is for the serious collector, not the casual collector.

Not a large piece, but this has a beautifullong legged fly, Diptera,Dolichopodidae.  The details arespectacularon this guy.  Near him is what Ithink may bean immature cicada.

Here isan antthat for all purposes looks likea queen ant, Hymenoptera, Formicidae.  I am not 100% sure, butI think this is one.    They are rareseldom seen.  This shows somevery good detailsabout her body.  She iseasily seenfrom one side (not the other).

A very attractive piece of amber with abeautiful beetlenear the middle.The beetleis small, butphotographs well(as you can see).  There is somelight crazingnear one exterior portion of the amber.

A rather non-de script piece with somereally coolthings. There is part ofa leaf(cutright throughthe leaf) and also aplanthopper, Hemiptera,Fulgoridea.

Mosquitoes are members of the insectFamily Culicidae. Insects,belonging to this familypossess paired scaled wings, paired halteres, slender bodies, and long legs.They belongto the insectOrder Diptera(true flies). Mosquitoes are similar to flies though. Thedifferences amongthe two insects include: scales on the wings of mosquitoes, longer legs and femalemosquitoespossessing a long mouth part called proboscis in the female, used for piercing their victims skin. The males do not have the proboscis – so when you get bitten by a mosquito, you are being bitten by a female. To find a mosquito in amber isa VERYrare occurrence. Mosquitos are notattracted to thearomatic compounds found in resin (amber). Which means they have no reason to find themselves trapped in that sticky resin from the tree. Gnats and such are attracted to the resin, but not mosquitos. As generally known, mosquitos are attracted by a mammalian scent – not the chemicalaroma of a tree.

Coprolite……….if you know what that is, read on.This is a beautiful, spherical piece of Dominican amber. It is large, spherical andthe coprolite is large. In fact it is large enough that I can confidently say that this is amammalian coprolite(poop). Probably the finest I have ever seen, this is about .9 inches in diameter. A sure conversation piece, you cannot go wrong with this beauty.  A perfect piece for a pendant, or the special piece for your collection.

Bottom line, this is really a cool piece.

There are just aton of animalsin this piece.   There are a ton ofworker ants, female,sterile, Hymenoptera, Formicidae and anice midge, Chironomidae,2 small spiders,  aaphelinid wasp, Aphelinidae, afungus gnat, Mycetophilidae.  There is more, but this will give youthe feelof the piece.

There arewinged termites, Isoptera, in this amber. Very unusual to find even 1. On top of that there isa waspand someother unknownDipteran (the elongated abdomen.) Good piece to round off a collection.

The piece has many air bubbles that tend to block the viewing area.  Inside is aspider,  ashining fungus beetle, Coleoptera,ScaphidiidaeAlso thereare someother animalsthat aredifficult to ID, possibly afungus gnat.

Ever wanted to give flowers to someone?This is a from fromanAcacia.  the anthers arefull of pollenin a profusetangle of stamens.  There is a old Chinese proverb:  On a stormy spring night, how many flowers have fallen?  The shape of this is perfect to have thismade into a pendant.  The cost to have aband of goldor silver put around it is very reasonable (at most local jewelers). This is amber from Chiapas.  the piece is beautiful.

Largedomedcab with anunknown beetlewrapped in either aleaf or partof anamber tube. A rather interesting piece – at a good price.

Medium sized cab with 4flat footed beetles, Coleoptera,Platypodidae.  Two of thefour are onthe sides (and thus harder to see) – although 2 areeasy to see.

A verynice worker ant, Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Linepithema.  Linepithema is a genus of small ants in the subfamilyDolichoderinae.  The amber shows surface glazing.This is a good pieceif you do not have any Dolichoderinae ants.

Here is asilverfish, Thysanura.Silverfishare rather rare andseldom seen. This animal is in asmallish pieceof amber near the edge.Good pieceif you needa silverfishin your collection.There is some nice lookingunknown organic debrisaround in this piece.

Here is almost what I would consider an impossible situation. We have a rare whip scorpion. This came from  the La Toca mines and this one isout of this world. Thewhip scorpionisbeautiful. Oh, is this a perfect specimen.There isalso asmall spiderandeven anunknownmite. This willtake your breath awaywhenyou see it. This is one of the animals that you will sometimes find in books. Often it is the same picture that is used from book to book or article to article. They are so rare in Dominican amber that you will just not see that many pictures of them. The whip scorpion is one of the rarest of all finds. Tail-less whip scorpions or amblypigids are very efficient predators. They remain hidden under leaves, bark and other debris for most of the day. They come outat night to feed. Their chelicerae are modified into strong, spine-armored grasping organs that the hapless arthropods would find nearly inescapable. Their front pair of legs, in contrast, are long and slender, obviously modified forsensory functions. Lacking any type of tail appendage, these formidable creatures are not frequently encountered. The females carry their eggs in a sac attached to the undersurface of the abdomen by a few silken threads.

Amblypygi……….GenusPhrynusspeciesresinae…………… Schawaller 1979

A piece ofDominican amberwith 2worker termites.  You cansee someareas where thedecompositionhas causedbloating(rather interesting effects.)  Somecoprolite depositsnear one ofthe termites.  Good price on this piece.

You are going tolove this one. There is a roach,Blattidaeoff to the side. He is complete. There is anunusual fungus looking whitearea near the back. In fact it looks likethere is rope(it is not rope) going around theunknown maladyof the roach.

This is a perfect pendant in the making.  A band of yellow gold goingaround it(or even silver) would make thisPOP out.  Veryclear with3 large insects.  There is a spider, not far from the spider is the fly, Diptera, Brachycera and thenthere is thepedilid beetle, Coleoptera,PedilidaeThere ismore, but they are small and not easy to see.  There is a thrip, the front part of afemale worker antand aparasitic wasp.  The entire piece is about 1.5 inches x 1 inch x .25 inches.

Perfect size for a pendant.  This is Chiapas amber.

A ratherunusual piece, this contains a nymph of an earwig.   The amber is small and good for a collection -rather than beinga big showy piece.

You wanta nice sizedqueen ant- this is it.  The amber is moderate is size, butthe queenmakes up for it.  She is good,Hymenoptera, Formicidae.  Not onlya queenant buy abeautiful mite, the best of both worlds.  You know, you so seldom see queen ants………..and I have two one one page for sale!

Largechunk of amberthat isvery clearand has some beautiful,small animals. By far andthe bestaretwo crane flies, Tipulidae that look (to me)like a pair. The legs around theanimals are breath taking. It is truly ajoy to look at. Also, there are some othersmall antsand flies – but the eye catching item are the two crane flies.

We do not normally put such anexpensive itemon the first page, but this is good enough just because it is sofun to look at. If you havent guessed,this is a butterfly,metalmark family possibly the genus Napaea (Riodinidae: Lepidoptera), but it is difficult to see the ventral side of the head. Justin caseyou do not know, wings are not normallyspread in amber. This specimen is totally beautiful and sovery uniquethat it has to be shown on this page.And yes, it does have its own page.Enjoy these picturessince you will probably never see a butterfly with its wings spread like this one again.Believe it or not, this is priced to sell quickly.

Hereyou go- workertermites. No verycommon, thishas a transparentspecimen.  Good price.

Sometimes theamber justjumps at you.  This is such a piece.It doeshave a verynice fungus gnat, Diptera,Mycetophilidae, but it isthe shapeandclarity ofthe amberthat is special.

Some mayflies, Ephemeroptera, have2 or 3 long hair-like tailsand strong forewings. Hind wings are small and rounded or very reduced.Mayfly adultsenjoy a life span ofno more than two days. On transition from nymph toadult stage, they fly from thesurface ofthe water for mating, but do not feed. They complete themating processand die after one or two days. Mayfly eggs are laid in water, and arehatched within one or two weeks.

Fossils of mayflies are very rarely found in amber.Mayflies have the shortest life span of any animal.They mayspend two tothree yearsas nymphs at thebottom of lakesand streams, and then live for as little as one houras winged adults. You may findthis comic good, especially since it deals with mayflies (you will be leaving this site, but you can use your back button.) This has a great price on it………….it is hard to beat

Have we got a great deal for you. We just got back from the Dominican Republic and bought a bag full of old pendants like the ones to the left. Some have bugs, most do not, but each one is special and hand done. Since we got such a good deal on them, we pass it on to you, these are only $25 each. You do not get to pick, this will be a situation where we reach into the bag and pull out one randomly. This is a real, real good deal. Our numbers are limited though.

We have been looking for a good jewel ers loupe that will not break the bank. This is it. Well built, good optics and something that everyone can afford. Our main goal with this loupe was that it would be a triplet loupe, have good optics and would not break the next day. Finally we wanted a loupe that you could give to a kid (or use yourself) and then not have to cry when the child lost the loupe. This just fits the bill every way around. You will love it. This is a 10X loupe (even though it does say 20X). It has all the power you will ever need.

We just picked up a number of Dominican Republic amber beads. All are rather clear and beautiful. The sizes range from around 5 mm to 11 mm, although there are a number that are larger. The price is $14 per gram. We weighed a 5-6 mm bead and it weighed about .5 gram.

That should give you a general reference. If you are interested in quantities other than on the left,email usand let us know general sizes and the numbered desired.

An authentic touch screen scale. It has a lid that opens up to an impressive touch screen scale. It is 4.5 x 2.5 inches x .5 inches deep. Very nicely built – this beauty evencomes with a pouchso it does not get scratched.This is really a nice instrumentAND they areon salefor only $6.95 .

Here is an interesting deal. I have a ratherlarge number of amber piecesthat are about 1.5 inches by 1 or more inches. The pieces are all large andall contain sharp looking insects. Now here is the deal: if there are any dealers that are interesting in the entire lot (there are about1,000 of the giant pieces), I can give you a good deal on them. They are perfect sizes for pendants or just selling on the open market. This deal is contingent on selling the entire collection. The price for the entire lot is excellent.If you are interested, email me nd I will quote you a price for all 1,000 giant pieces.

This is different. We came into some of these blue amber rings and were so impressed that we now have a few to sell. Inside a room, the sphere looks like normal amber, outside or near a window, the sphere jumps beautiful blue at you. Almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Not the slightest idea about sizes, but the inside diameter is 21 mm or 7/8 of an inch. The ring is open on the back side, so it should fit most fingers. We have never seen anything like this before. We have placed a very good price on the ring. The ring is hollow gold plated, 925 silver. It is very light and easy to wear. The rings are copyrighted by Art 7, a great jewelry design and manufacturer located in Poland.