Custom Static Clings

Our custom vinyl static clings will apply to smooth surfaces without adhesive. Choose fromwhiteor clear backing with the option to print on the frontor back of the custom cling. With full color printing and great service, we can print the perfect static clings for your business needs.

We can match 95% of the Pantone colors very closely.

Easily visible, yet see-through, they are perfect for stores.

Ideal for store front windows where visibility is required.

Static Clings are made of a flexible vinyl. They will stick to clean glass surfaces utilizing the moisture in the air to adhere, rather than an adhesive like stickers. The vinyl material will retain its cling abilities for more than a year, or two, depending on the conditions where the cling is exposed. We recommend these for indoor use, as weather can effect the electric cling of the product. We see a wide variety of uses for Static Clings, most of which involve a branding or product promotion that goes on store front windows. We also see this product commonly used for annual memberships, where they are provided with renewal to show off your support or participation in various non-profits or business industries. Static Clings require custom pricing as there are a couple material options.