Custom Printed Stickers

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Imagine your logo on everything! We offer stickers types for every surface: choose our 60lb Semi Gloss or 60lb Gloss Stickers for everyday use, or our Poly Synthetic Low Tack Sticker for waterproof bumper stickers.

Jukebox stickers come in custom shapes, full color and with beautiful lustre. Custom printed stickers are perfect for event promotions and special applications such as name tags or product labels

Our 60lb Semi Gloss and 60lb Gloss Stickers are available with a back-liner that is cut through without cutting into the attached sticker. This allows for easier removal of a sticker in cases where the backer is cut flush to the shape of the sticker.

Square 2.5 Stickers applied to Blue Berry packaging box

2.5 Circular stickers with black ink and gold foil

Semi Gloss Stickers for Almond Chocolates

1 Stickers for Macroon Packaging

This wedding wine label is produced on our Smooth Birch Sticker and finished with 0.25 radius rounded corners.

This wedding wine label is produced on our Smooth Birch Sticker and made with real wood.

Due to the translucent quality of ink, when printed over a transparent stock, the ink colours will be see-through and might look a lot lighter than they do when viewed on your screen. This will be affected by the surface you end up placing your transparent sticker on.

For example, placing the transparent sticker over a white surface like a white piece of paper will make the colours appear more vibrant/denser/closer to how they look in your proof.

If the sticker is placed over dark coloured objects, this can affect how visible the printed design will be.

If you place the sticker over clear glass or a window, the colours can appear very light and will be the most see-through. (If the sticker is meant to be put on the inside of a window but read from the outside, the artwork will also need to be inverted.)

We are able to offer foiled designs on some of our sticker stock options. This includes our Brown Kraft stickers, Wood stickers, Silk Matte Laminate stickers, Transparent stickers and Semi Gloss Stickers.

We do not offer foil on Waterproof sticker stock or Super Gloss coated stickers.

For pricing and ordering of stickers with foil, please submit ourPrint Quoterequest form.

Below is a guide for the adhesiveness of our Sticker stocks:

We recommend testing the sticker stock for your needs before ordering.

Below is a guide for the backing of our Sticker stocks:

Crack and Peel (or Crack N Peel) stickers have slices or slits making the paper back easily removable from the sticker.

Peel stickers do not have slices or slits in the paper backing they are removed from the backing along the edge.

Easy Peel stickers are the same as peel backing stickers, but are slightly easier to remove from the paper back.

We call this kiss cut stickers, they can be ordered via aPrint Quote.

Samples of the Wood are available by ordering aSpecialty Sample Pack.