Custom Candy

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Hand out high quality candies with your company or organization name on it to your customers. Custom printed wrapper with one candy per package.

Custom candy is a great, low cost way to have a great impression.. Standard for restaurants, real estate firms, car dealers, and other fine establishments.

These candies and mints are a tradition for weddings and receptions.

Red starlite mint is standard but others available: white or pastel buttermints, jelly beans, fruit balls, sugar free breath mints, green or cinnamon starlites, and more.

2 color printing available with an order of 10,000 or more.

We also have stock candy wrappers if you dont need custom design. These are great to have on hand just to give something nice to your customers or for other occasions such as Parades, Conventions, and Parties.

Red starlite mint candy is standard but others: white or pastel buttermints, jelly beans, fruit balls, sugar free breath mints, green or cinnamon starlites, and more.View Candy Options Here…

We have stock candy wrappers for many events. These are great for businesses restaurant mints, parades, birth announcements, graduation:Its a girl, Its a boy, American Flag, Pink ribbon, and Thank you…

Tasty and fun, custom imprinted lollipops are a promotional hit will all ages. Add your logo to a lollipop wrapper and folks will take notice.

Custom circle lollipops are available in grape, lime, lemon, cherry, orange, or assorted flavors. Blue raspberry available upon request.

Custom heart shape lollipop available in cherry.

Personalize your lollipop with a 1 diameter imprint on wrapper or imprint on stick with up to 15 characters. Do both for a small additional fee.

Put your name on candy brands your clients know. We offer three well

tested candy sucker brands: Dum Dums ®, Charm Blow Pop®, and Tootsie Pop®.

Personalize your brand name lollipop with an imprint on the stick with up to 15 characters.

Candy card packets are a promotional handout that clients and customers will enjoy.

With your logo imprinted on a plastic mint container, you will be noticed.

Candy card containers are filled with your choice of candy: sugar free cinnamon or peppermint power mints.

Each candy card is sealed with a safety seal imprinted with the ingredients in each candy.

Shapes available are rectangle, circle, house, light bulb, or truck.

Second color imprint is available. Call for details.

You will not believe how good these cookies are! Impress your clients and customers with gourmet custom cookie tins. Custom imprinted tins of delicious and fresh cookies will wow your recipients and they will remember you!

Cookies are available as assortment of soft gourmet chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, double chip, and crystal sugar. Custom cookies in cookie tin are handmade, baked fresh and have a shelf life of about 2 weeks.

Custom cookie tins are available in red, white, gold, silver, hunter green, and blue.

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