AWOGS Firefighter Helmet Decals

Magnetic passport- with 3M Scotchlite

Shield- Traditional aluminum Explorer

FF Wedges AWOGS Stickers Kit

CIRCLE ONLY for Regulator Number/Rank

Stickers Star of Life Glow/Reflect (Treadplate)

Shield – Sticker Shield for Modern Style Helmets (Sticker Only)

Magnetic passport- with 3M Scotchlite

1 Numbers or Letters (Tread Plate Design)

1.5 Numbers or Letters (Tread Plate Design)

AWOGS are a series of products that are photo-luminescent as well as retro-reflective in nature. The AWOGS products glow when heated or exposed to light, as well as very reflective to light from head lights, flash lights and or hand lanterns, even at long distances. AWOGS are also Highly visible to night vision. AWOGS can be seen through smoke, stand up to high heat and instructor abuse. AWOGS helmet stickers exceed NFPA 1971 standards. AWOGS has also created products that are so far ahead of the curve that standards currently do not exist.

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