Basically, UV curing is just another way to make any particular resin harden; Polyesters, Vinyl Esters, Urethanes, Acrylates, Methacrylates, Epoxies, Polyethers etc. You certainly can mix-in catalysts that will cause the resin to harden but there are several drawbacks to this:

1)Precision measuring and mixing is necessary for good results.

a)Your resin might be thick, it might be difficult to mix evenly

b) You certainly could mix-in bubbles while youre mixing

2)Curing is dependent upon a temperature range of approximately 55F 120F –below 55F and it wont cure, above 120F and youve got fireworks.

3)Some catalysts are dangerous chemicals.

4)Once mixed, you are committed to use all the resin.

5)Cure times range from 5 minutes (rush! Rush!) to 4 hours (snooze, snooze).

6)Give off MUCH more pollutants while curing.

2)Predictably cure at the same speed from -20F to 120F

3)Eliminate the need for dangerous catalysts in your factory, in your hands.

4)Allow you to use exactly what amount you need and actually POUR BACK that which you do not use!

5)Youtell the resin when to cure andyoucan tell the resin to stop (so that you may do B-Stage trimming). Otherwise, a complete cure is in seconds to a few minutes.

6)UVCure resins significantly reduce pollutants, period. On the Federal side, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has deemed UV-Cure resins LAER (Lowest Achievable Emission Rate) and The Southern California Air Quality Management District has similarly deemed UV Cure asBest Available Control Technology(BACT)

Boat – fiberglass or wood: (all gel-coat and structural repairs)

Bait boxes / bait tanks – (seals and restructures)

Jet Ski – (all gel-coat and structural repairs)

Docks (fills and restructures rotting wood and attachments)

Catamaran hulls – (structural and gel coat repairs)

Canoe – fiberglass or wood (all surface and structural repairs)

Surfboard – (all surface and structural repairs)

Sailboard – (all surface and structural repairs)

Kayak – (all surface and structural repairs)

Skis (filling old binding drill holes, structural repairs)

Skis (filling old binding drill holes, structural repairs)

Snowboards (structural repairs, fill dents, even at 32F)

Skateboards (structural repairs, fills dents)

Skateboard ramps (fills dents, bridges plywood gaps)

Water skis (all surface and structural repairs)

Golf club shafts (structural repairs with filament winding)

Golf club wood heads (fills smooth dents)

Tennis racquet shafts (structural repairs)

Gun stocks and butts (structural repairs with smooth finish)

Baseball bats (restructures and smooths)

Ping pong paddles (restructures)

RVs, Motorhomes – (all surface and structural repairs)

Camper shells / toppers – (all surface and structural repairs)

Auto body panels – fiberglass – (Solarez fiber-reinforced putty)

Body panels – fiberglass – (all surface and structural repairs)

Body panels – Composite – race cars (quick structural repairs)

Spoilers, Cowls, Scoops – car and truck (structural repairs)

Truck trailers – all body panels (surface and structural repairs)

Motorcycle fairings (all surface and structural repairs)

Snowmobile (all surface and structural repairs even in -20F)

Wooden fence / gate – restructure wood & attachments

Roof shingles; wood, fiberglass, asphalt, ceramic

Siding; wood, fiberglass, PVC – (restructures & seal)

Wooden window frames (restructures & seal)

Drainage; gutters, ducts, flashings (restructures & seal)

Lawnmower – blade guard and attachments (restructures)

Snowblowers (repairs made even in winter temperatures)

Fiberglass or wood stepladders (structural repairs)

Ski areas; Gondolas, Chairlifts, Snowplows (structural repairs)

Golf carts – all body parts (structural repairs)

Electrical boxes and lightning fixtures (seals and weatherproofs)

Silk-screening industry (repair broken or weak frames)

Fiberglass signs / signposts (structural repairs)

Radio controlled airplanes & gliders

Boats (seals and restructures)

Cars (structural & cosmetic repairs)

Model Rockets (assembly and repair)

Crafts (clear castings, gloss coats)

Water tanks; wood or fiberglass(restructures and seals)

Fertilizer tanks (restructures and seals)

Seed Boxes / Plant boxes (restructures)

Tractor attachments (restructures)

PVC piping (seals with filament winding)

Fiberglass Spa (all gel-coat and structural repairs)

Ceramic tiles & grout (restructures and seals)

Pool cleaning equipment and attachments (restructures)

Furniture & cabinetry drawers & shelves (repair in minutes)

Vacuum attachments, computer & home electronic housings

Picture frames (repairs plastic and wood in minutes)

Backpack frames / tent frames (structural repairs)

Fishing rods (structural repairs)

Pick axes, shovels and other hand tools (structural repairs)

Flex Finish Doming ResinA clear, non yellowing, flexible resin for putting a

SUP Pro Repair Kit contains: ZEROVOC styrofoam-safe UV-Cure fiberfil

Thick, Hard GLOW IN THE DARK Formula – Glows in the dark for enhanced night