The TOPWERK GROUP is an international machine manufacturer in the concrete industry. With more than 850 Employees and subsidiaries all over the world the TOPWERK GROUP provides machines and equipment for the production of concrete elements. The headquarters of the TOPWERK GROUP is located in Burbach-Wahlbach, Germany.

Each TOPWERK company is specialized in a certain product division. HESS provides concrete block machines as well as mixing devices and handling systems. These machines can produce various elements such as pavers, curb stones or hollow blocks. Continuous technological developments such as the oil bath vibration, filler box planning roller or high performance hydraulic system have made HESS the leading manufacturer of concrete block machines.

SR-SCHINDLER perfectly complements HESS by providing value adding lines and hermetic slab presses. The Bavarian machine manufacturer offers a great number of product modifications such as bush-hammering, grinding, coating, curling, coloration or shot-blasting. SR-SCHINDLER is constantly searching for innovative possibilities of surface finishing in order to let their customers enter new markets. Besides the actual production lines SR-SCHINDLER also provides complete transportation and handling systems like haul roads, curing racks or cubing machines.

Long-established PRINZING-PFEIFFER are specialized in concrete infrastructure products. PRINZING-PFEIFFER machines produce numerous concrete elements for sewerage, drainage, power supply, telecommunication, sewage water treatment, rainwater utilization, building or road construction. A special focus is on machines for concrete pipes and manholes. In the course of integrating HESS into the TOPWERK GROUP PRINZING-PFEIFFER emerged from the famous machine manufacturers PRINZING and SCHLOSSER-PFEIFFER.

The fourth member of TOPWERK is HESS AAC SYSTEMS. The Dutch company provides turn-key plants for autoclaved aerated concrete products. The spectrum includes the complete working process: Raw material preparation, casting, tilting, cutting, bed removal, autoclaving and packing. The headquarters of HESS AAC SYSTEMS are in Enschede, The Netherlands.

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