The Secret to Flat Abs Abdominal Doming and a DanRectus

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Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

Pelvic Floor and Diastasis Rehab for the Midwife and OBGYN

Hip Flexors, Glutes and Abs Webinar

The Secret to Flat Abs: Abdominal Doming and a Dominant Rectus

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Okay, I confess, the title is just a way to get you in so I can explain how your core actually works. Inot onlywant you to have a rockin body,I want you to feel amazing as well.So many of the patients I see that look super fit are also in pain. I dont want that to be you! Why waste your time trying to be fit and look good if you cant also enjoy it by feeling great in the process?!

I want you to have amazing looking abs AND a strong healthy back AND hips and knees that feel incredible.

Alright, lets break down a crunch and look at why doing it wrong will make your stomach bigger and doing it right will make your abs flatter. I probably should have led with that statement

Abdominal doming is when your rectus abdominis muscle (think 6 pack that runs up the middle) becomes dominant over your other ab muscles. When you pick up your head, your rectus pops up and we dont see support from anyone else (keep reading to check out the video where I demo this!).

Your transverse abdominals, internal and external obliques should kick in when you lift your head. When they do, your abs flatten. If they dont, then your abs dome or stick out. This is often associated with adiastasis rectiand/orhernia. If you have this pattern, the more ab work you do, the more your abs will bulge.

The body is meant to work together and when it doesnt things go very wrong. I also often see a dominant rectus go hand in hand with a pooching belly, tight hip flexors, back pain and tightness and hip pain. Its truly a sign that your deep inner core, a.k.a. your support system, isnt doing its job, which makes a lot of other parts angry for having to pick up the slack.

Dominant Rectus with Doming During Crunch

Balanced Abs with TAs, Obliques and Rectus Contracting to Lift Head

Stay tuned for deeper look into what happens when your external obliques take over (hello, neck pain and tightness!). Then part 3, when those external obliques dont work. We are just getting started on the good stuff! The body is truly amazing!!!

Sarah Ellis Duvall has over 15 years of experience helping patients overcome injury. With a Doctorate and Masters in Physical Therapy, plus years of experience as a Personal Trainer, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the health and wellness field. Along with her educational background, Sarah competed in track and field for Clemson University. Being a collegiate level athlete gave her a passion for training hard and striving to accomplish high reaching goals. She is now an avid adventure sports enthusiast, wife, and mother. Her blend of experience and education allows for a unique approach for solving problems. Sarah enjoys both teaching continuing education for professionals as well as presenting to community groups. She is working hard to change the world of injury one patient at a time.

Pelvic Floor issues (leaks, pain and prolapse), Diastasis Recti, SI Joint Pain, Low Back Pain

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