Spherical Designs Organization

Spherical Steel Structures has been fabricating steel for three generations and has established itself as the innovative leader in capabilities and methods related to spherical shaped steel structures and components. Utilizing light gauge steel, tube steel, structural I-beam, channel, or plate. Spherical Steel Structures has the technology, the geometrical skills and experience to make your spherical steel structure right the first time.

Spherical Building Services has been contracting all across the U.S. for the past 40 years and specializes in the construction of light gauge steel stud and wood framed spherical structures. Providing erection and construction services for Architects, Builders, Contractors and homeowners in residential and commercial building industry.

Spherical Prefab Structures hopes to inspire a change in the way people think of prefabricated building systems and ultimately the way people live in them. Spherical Prefab Structures brings the inherent beauty, strength and energy efficiency of spherical shaped structures to the prefab building industry. Spherical Prefab Structures has many extraordinary examples selected for their excellence in design and innovative in the use of materials and methods of construction. There are many demonstrations of prefabrication techniques that can be applied to architecturally designed homes. You will find diverse design strategies and solutions in a variety of building types.

Spherical Design Engineers is a diverse group of Architects and Engineers who have come together over their passion to offer modernistic spherical architecture. With the idea of bringing contemporary design to a broader audience by using more cost-effective, energy efficient methods. Spherical Design Engineers would like the opportunity to share our knowledge of the advanced technologies and materials used in todays commercial architecture. With the strength and efficiency of spherical shaped steel structures to the residential housing industry.

Spherical Fiberglass Designs gives us the opportunity to create our fantasies with the use of Modern Plastics. With Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics we are able to build spherical shapes with superior strength not possible with wood, steel or stone. Let your imagination run wild and make your dreams into realities in the realm of Housing, Transportation and recreation.

E-V Concepts is dedicated to producing emissions free battery powered custom concepts. Manufacturing cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, utility vehicles and various types of handicap transportation. Offering interested consumers, electric propulsion components and technological support for battery powered automotive and marine conversions.

Cut and build thedome kits yourself

or Spherical Building Services will build you a turnkey custom geodesic structure.

This is the website for the do it yourselfer. All the information you need to cut and build wood or light gauge steel geodesic dome home building kits. Fast, strong and distinctively innovative construction methods with extraordinary engineering and unlimited design options. Its easy to recognize a leader, but hard to copy. Spherical Structures shares over thirty-five years of dome building and construction history with the tradition of excellence that has built its reputation on unsurpassed quality and exceptional hand craftsmanship.Pre-cut wood frame spherical geodesic structures. Our relentless pursuit of design innovation has resulted in options no other wood frame dome home kit builders offer. The only ten sided geodesic frame with integrated riser wall. All sides pre-framed for conventional windows and doors. The drop-in panels (rigid foam insulation laminated to your choice of interior wall and ceiling finishes). TheT-Beam geodesic finished wood frame creates a finished interior joint and highlights the geodesic framework in your choice of stain or color. Optional pre-fabricated, cupolas, and roof panels in your choice of materials.STEEL geodesic dome home building kits. Spherical Geodesic Structures provides the most user friendly geodesic dome building kits. Creating energy efficient, low cost housing with a novice builder construction method. A ten sided geodesic truss kit, pre-fabricated of light gauge steel with rigid foam insulation. All sides are pre-framed for conventional window and door openings. Build it yourself or Spherical Building Services will build you your custom dome building for you.

introduces homeowners to the enormous variety of sustainable options available for building and remodeling, and to people who have already taken the green plunge.Healthy Family, Home & Earth. Were very excited about our ideas for you! We do our utmost to make sure that our products and services really are environmentally friendly or healthy. The companies youll find in these web pages are committed to saving you energy costs and to reducing your health and environmental concerns with their products or services.Green building and passive solar remodeling can be complicated, but well worth the extra planning. If youve got the right site conditions, you could save hundreds on your energy bills annually. We also have in-depth articles introducing you to the world of active solar energy, passive solar, or photovoltaic panels. Even if your site conditions dont allow for solar panels, you can still get all the environmental benefits of solar power.Wondering how to find professionals to help you build your green home? Spherical Designs Organization gives you several resources to choose from. Happily, there are more green building resources emerging all the time; we promise to keep you updated.