Flexible Polyurethane Doming Resins

Water clear flexible type AB glue pu polyurethane adhesive resin for 3d doming

Water clear flexible AB epoxy glue 2-part epoxy doming resin compound for stickers, graphics, decorations, promotional gifts

Water clear fast cure rigid type epoxy doming resin AB glue adhesive for 3D doming on keychain, nameplate, magnet…

Epoxy Optical LED potting casting encapsulating resin adhesive compound

Two parts epoxy doming coating resin adhesive glue

Rigid liquid epoxy resin for cold enamel coating

Water clear flexible type epoxy resin AB adhesive glue for doming on labels, graphics, promotional items

Water clear rigid type doming epoxy adhesive AB glue for promotional items

Water clear flexible good yellowing resistance polyurethane adhesive AB glue PU resin for doming on stickers, graphics…

Fast cure water clear rigid AB glue epoxy resin adhesive for doming on promotional items

Water clear rigid AB glue doming resin epoxy adhesive for doming on labels, stickers and promotional items

Clear flexible doming resin epoxy PU polyurethane AB glue adhesive for stickers/promotional items/graphics

Flexible crystal clear two component doming resin adhesive epoxy and hardener for 3D doming on label

Flexible water clear AB component epoxy resin and hardener 3D glue for label and stickers

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