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MOCAis used as PU (Polyurethane Resin) curing agent. The chlorine atoms on benzene ring can slow down the activity of NH2group, so as to extend the pot life while casting.

light yellow granule (100% through 1/2 mesh serene)

Soluble in MEK, DNF, Toluene Acetone, Ethanol, Insoluble in water

curing agent for polyurethane and epoxy

Polyurethane elastomer is flexible, and posses elasticity nature likes rubber. The following is molecular

2. Elasticity no matter with high or low hardness

3. Tensile strength, tear strength, compression strength

4.Chemical, oil ozone and cold resistance

This is Cross linking and good curing agent for PU elasticity. The finished products as following:

2. Seals: PU Hydraulic Seals and Packages

3. Spring: PU Rod , Sheet , Bar and Film

4. Blade: PU Drum Blade for Copier and Laser Printer

6. Parts: PU Flexible Coupling and Parts

Also we can recommend and introduce the supply of prepolymer and finished products for your asking

2.Manufacturing Process for Molding Compounds

Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.

The best substitute for Moca/DMTDA – L300 (LIQUID)

Liquid Urethane for Mold Making & Casting

PU Coating for Wire Guide Roller (WGR)

PU V Pulley for Wafer Slicing Equipment

Liquid Urethane for molding & Casting

Liquid Urethane for molding & Casting

PU Coating for Wire Guid Roller (WGR)

PU V Pully for Wafter Slicing Equipment

Water-based Adhesive (For Shoes/Economical grade)

Liquid Urethane for molding & Casting

Two-component casting PU material for concrete mold

TPUCO Develops Economical Grade Water Based PU Adhesive

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