Home Floor Plans

The American Dream is not lost…… You can build your own home for 1/2 of what it would cost if you had the same home contracted out through a home builder. Ask about our special Winter season pricing!!!!!

Below are some of the many different floor plans we have available. The floor plan for your home is your choice.

We can custom design any plan to create the home of your dreams.

Click a floor plan to see a larger rendering.

For a more detailed rendering in pdf format, please email or call us.

Assemble your new home with little man power, at your own pace.

The floor plan for your home is your choice.

10 ways your home Equity is created without breaking a sweat.

In 2004 we purchased a 1300sq engineered home to build for our daughter. We liked it so much, 4 years later we purchased a 1900sq home with an attached garage for us

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