FEITA 983 Epoxy Resin Dispensing Mache Automatic Glue Dispenseresktop Au Fluid GFillgroprController

FEITA 983 Epoxy Resin Dispensing Machine Automatic Glue Dispenser Desktop Auto Fluid Glue Filling Dropper Dispensing Controller

FEITA-982 Semi-automatic Soldering Paste Dispenser Glue Dispensers Dispensing Machine Equipment for LED, Electronics Label Stick

FEITA Semi-suto A B Glue Dispenser Mixing Doming Glue Dispensing Machine Equipment for LED Electronics

Note:Dear Customer, if you are intereted in this glue dispenser, please leave theplug and voltage for reference. Thanks a lot!!!

Video of 983 Glue Dispenser as follows:

Industrial production each domain: Handset pressed key, dye printing, switch, coupling, computer, digital product, digital camera, MP3, MP4, electronic toy, loudspeaker, buzzer, electronic primary device, integrated circuit, circuit wafer,

LCD liquid crystal box, relay, speaker, crystal oscillator part, LED lamp, cabinet cementation, optical lens, mechanical part seal and so on.

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