Youve never seen a Pride can because weve never made one. But theres no mistaking the business were in. Because its the same business youre in.

Bottom formers,overtravel monitoring systems,floating tool packsandair bearing precision grindersmake up our entire product offering.

Being able to put everything we have into making these tools all they can be has virtually eliminated downtime for our customers. Because, in the end, our success is measured completely by yours.

As speeds increase and can stocks get thinner, consistent clamping pressure becomes more critical. Prides Hybrid Bottom Former utilizes the largest air chamber behind the piston for more consistent force continuing Prides lead in bottom former technology for down-gauging material and reducing splits.

Ram linkages stretch as bodymakers speed up. Prides long, high-mass springs accommodate changes in overtravel to reduce the pinching that causes split domes.

LOW SHOCK(RED). Most common for beverage cans. Optimizes dome depth at any speed while reducing shock.

RAM CONTROL(YELLOW). This lower force spring engages the punch before the dynamic stretch phase, helping the ram turn and reducing ram whip.

HIGH STRENGTH(BLUE). Increases buckle strength for larger beverage cans or is used for food cans to maintain panel depth.

The Guardian II safely and accurately generates bodymaker over travel, a key piece of your process information. Set up and run your bodymaker knowing youre getting good dome depth even while varying bodymaker speed to match pull from the decorator. Avoid unplanned downtime and optimize your maintenance activities by leveraging the Guardians over travel monitoring and data trending.

Pride floating tool packs parts on the line in line. Can wall quality is improved by absorbing ram vibration. Confined precision suspension system never pushes the die past center. Unique even cooling chambers extend die life with a continuous ring of coolant. Works with universal tool pack lids for faster changeovers.

Fixed tool packs are broken. They use a metal die ring and the delicate can itself to the punch back to center.

This stresses and wears the dies, but more alarmingly, puts incredible pressure on the can body. Stress you can really see in white streaks on steel cans where the tin re-melts.

Prides vibration dampening floating tool packs use a confined suspension system that never pushes the die past center, and returns it to within 0.001 of perfect center before the next ram advance. Other floating tool packs such as O-ring and quad-ring systems suffer from the same limitations of fixed tool packs resulting in increased die wear and poor can quality.

Increased die contact area and extra hard pins help rings turn more easily and without outer diameter notching.

Most tool packs have single-spot cooling. Prides tactical openings throughout the tool pack increase can wall integrity and die life.

To reduce tearoffs can must be remove from the vibration equation and cooled more evenly and quickly.

Three simple step operation with precision accuracy. Absolute scales always know where they are without referencing. Closed loop feedback means no accumulated errors between scales and control.

Four inches of solid granite secures both spindles. Air suspension eliminates low-frequency vibration disturbance. Planetary roller bearings guide the digital linear actuator for oscillation of CNC contouring.


When work and wheel head spindles are mounted together on a floating granite surface, true roundness is realized. True roundness is how you make better cans and more of them while extending the life of each die.

With new, tougher air bearings you can feed as aggressively as with mechanical grinders while greatly surpassing the tolerances and surface finishes they can achieve.

Air makes grinding ironing dies, redraw dies, pilot dies, redraw sleeves and trimmer blades even better with an extra long air bearing that allows you to feed as aggressively as mechanical grinders.

Rotary accurate to .00008 roundnessdelivering a 2 in surface finish.


The Air Bearing Precision Grinder runs on Windows™ and comes set up and ready to go. The grinder then moves automatically to the correct positions and the open architecture enables new programs to be added easily.

Pride Touch® eliminates the need for touch off. Just press the Cycle Start button and the grinder will find Z zero and start automatically.


The Pride CNC Punch Grinder 40A is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands and exacting requirements of punches used in two-piece can body making. Because there is no compromise involved when trying to regrind punches and dies on the same machine, this dedicated package, combined with Prides extensive punch grinding experience, make it the ideal choice for can making plants located in areas where punch regrinding services are not readily available helping you reduce downtime, improve throughput and respond quickly to changing demands.


The 355mm diameter grinding wheel has the abrasive characteristics to produce the critical surface finishes you need. The increaed surface area reduces the need for frequent wheel dressings, providing super-long life and consistency at any grinding pressure to keep on workinglog after smaller grinding wheels have dulled.

The 355mm diameter grinding reducesthe need for wheel dressings.

The new operator interface requires no programming and provides a simple efficient way to input dimensions from the punch print and perform the machining cycle. The compact design and small footprint save up to 40% more space making it the ideal fit for most crowded can plant environments.

With TruePride parts, you get the same exacting attention to detail that goes into our bottom formers, tool packs, grinders. Theyre the best way to ensure youre making quality cans while maintaining the highest engineering standards and warranty validity.


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