It is our goal to accurately match the needs and design criteria of each individual customer with the dome kits best suited for their project. Dome Kits bases building design details on the needs of the client, rather than molding the needs of the client to fit an available dome kits. Clients are free to choose from a number of spherically designed roof truss profiles. Dome Kits manufacturers single-family homes, condominium units, multi-family homes and commercial structures.

Dome Kits status as an original manufacturer also allows customers to make informed decisions on the best engineered design for their project. Our dome kits are a combination of the highest quality UL certified components available regardless of the application or site loads.

Contact our experts to initiate a detailed discussion about the needs and budget allocated to your project, and learn how Dome Kits corporate strength can be placed solidly behind your project requirements.

Do it Yourself – Dome Builders WebsiteDome Kits owner builder option is intended for those people who want to cut their own Dome Kits and save from purchasing over priced kits from the dome manufactures. All the information is in this website to cut and fabricate the components to build a 3 or 4 frequency geodesic dome structure from wood or light gauge steel.

This information is designed to share some simple and inexpensive dome building methods that we have been using for over thirty-five years. All components are patented, licensed and certified by the Underwriters Laboratories and can be purchased from your local hardware store and construction supply house. You can act as your own general contractor, project manager and design consultant in every phase of construction and build sweat equity in the process.

Dome Kits main goal and inspiration is to build a better way of life with the use of modern materials and innovative designs. Dome Kits continues to design affordable housing for as many people as possible and believes each family deserves the opportunity to participate in home ownership.

Dome Kitsspecialty is spherical structures for any use, with the ability of being independent, self-sustaining habitats. Dome Kits is a diversified full-service building contractor. Offering the most affordabledome kits for the do-it-yourselfer or for turnkey custom homes . From consultation to design and engineering of yourdome kit plans to the manufacturing and prefabrication ofyour dome kits.

– Moreaccurate connection systems creating identical triangles.

– All dome kits available in wood or light gauge steel.

– Wooddome kitswith the compound angles cut

– 10 sided truncated geometry on the ground level

– Pre-framed door and window openings- Designed for one person to complete all phases.

– Components are light enough to be held in one hand.

– No need for mechanical lifts during construction.

– Architectural options not available from other dome companies.

– Any exterior finishes are possible and available in your dome kit.

– Any insulation can be used and any R-value can be achieved.

– A ventilated exterior panel of plywood and rigid foam is available.

– Any interior finish is possible and available in your building kit.

– The pre-finished T-beam frame creates a finishedinterior.

– Pre-finished interior drop-in panels, (any color, any material).

– Any roofing and side wall finishes are possible and available.

– Many pre-cut and pre-fabricated building components.

– Pre-cut foundation and floor systems in wood or light gauge steel.

– Pre-fabricated interior wall panels in wood or light gauge steel.

– Pre-manufactured decks, stairs, cupolas and dormers.

Dome Kits continues to provide the most user friendly dome kits. Creating energy efficient, low costdome homes has been the driving force to designing and engineering structurally sounddome kits with a novice owner build construction method. One of the unique advantages to geodesic dome truss is the structure is free standing and needs no interior load bearing walls to support the dome roof system. This gives you the option to complete the dome structure to a lockable and water tight stage and finish the interior at your leisure.

There are very few domehome manufactures offering pre-fabricated dome kits . In the last 30 plus years most all domehome companies have changed ownersbut not their products. There are only 3 or 4 different domehome construction methods. After building all other dome kits 3 or 4 times it was important toDome Kitsto design and engineer a better construction method to lower the cost of not only the dome kits but the cost and safety of the dome home construction method.

The triangulated sphere is superior in design to the box shape structure. This should lead you to believe it would be less expensive to build. Most companies are only interested in selling their dome kits and not the finished building.Dome Kits believes it has designed theconstruction methods and materials choices to build the superior domehome for LESS than box structures.We hope to share some of the unique advantages and differences Dome Kits has over the rest of the domehomes in the world.

Every dome kit manufacture has a web site nowadays. Look at the pictures of their dome kits and see how big their components are and how many people it takes to build it. Not even the experienced construction person wants to handle a 300 pound plywood hexagon 20 feet in the air. How many days can you afford 600$ for the crane and operator.Putting the dome kits frame up is not the only phase of construction to be concerned about. Fifteen and twenty sided foundations are always fun for even experienced form carpenters. Exterior sheathing and roofing can be a challenge if your triangles are out of alignment which is very common onthe bolt together steel hub designed dome kits. Even a quarter or half inch can cause real headaches and a rise in construction cost.On the 3Vgeodesic structures the triangles are 7 to 10 feet tall. On a 4Vgeodesic structure the triangles are 4 to 6 feet tall. The smaller trianglesare much easier to handle when doing the out side plywood sheathing or inside drywall.

I dont believe there is any structures prettier and more spectacular inside than the spherical geodesic structure. After40 years I find building boxes to be very boring. They do have their advantages. They tow down the highway prettywell and you can stack them very close together.The two greatest problems facing any structural design engineer is weight and compression from gravitational pull and shear quality against wind loads and earth quacks. The spherical structures and dome shapes will always have the advantage over the square or box shaped structures.

As the spherical dome structures become lighter and stronger with height the rectangular shape becomes weaker. The triangle is the strongest geometric shape and the triangulated sphere the strongest structure. The weakest area on any rectangular or spherical structure is closest to the ground or foundation. With this thought in mind the worst structural engineering idea is to put a rectangular wall at the base of a geodesic structure.

The 3 frequency icosahedrons geodesic structures struts (made of wood) and connections become to weak to safely support the dome larger than 35 feet in diameter. For larger buildings Dome kits recommends using 4 frequency and higher geometric designs. The 4V(frequency) icosahedrons is flat at the hemisphere. With almost twice the amount of triangles and the struts almost half the length the 4V building can safely be built twice the diameter as a 3V building.The construction industry continues to change as every other technology. New materials and technologies are being used to built the latest projects usually by the lowest bidder. In the big cities inspections are pretty strict and usually have competent inspectors. Out in the more rural areas you may never see an inspector. Especially if your building a geodesic dome structure.

All spherical and box shaped roof trusses are required to have an engineering stamp of approval. You can find engineers to stamp anything and risk losing their license if the structure falls down. It is sad to see that we will never see the end of poorly engineered products in the hands of unknowing consumers for the sake of a fast buck.EngineeringGeodesic StructuresSphericalDesigns OrganizationSteel StructuresBuilding ServicesPrefab StructuresDesign EngineersFiberglass DesignsElectric VehiclesDome Kits