Continuous Vacuum

Catalogue Distribution Service

Catalogue Distribution Service

Continuous Vacuum Resin dispersing technology

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Continuous Vacuum Resin dispersing technology

We produce and supply optimized Machines & Resins

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Continuous Vacuum the techniques to cast without bubbles

Potting of Electrical and Electronics

Resins for Electrical insulation  ( Epoxy , Hot Curing Epoxy , Polyurethane )

Resin for Sealing and Bonding  ( two component adhesive polyurethane resins )

Resin for LED Protection ( PU resin for outdoor and chemical resistance for the lightning industry )

Resin For Gasketing  ( FOMEXONE GST  polyurethane systems composed of two components )

For your information  the passage from the liquid to solid ( foam state ) is named : FOAMING

Please answer questions with copying questioneris in the mail and send to

Kind of part to be potted (ideally a photo)?

Quantity of resin / part  (for the smallest and the biggest if possible)?

Productivity:  parts / day or per year?

Technical Data Sheet of the used resin (if exist)?

If the customer has already a potting machine, info about the existing equipment?

Kind of part to be potted (ideally a photo)?

Technical and Safety Data Sheet of the used resin (if exist) and in case of replacement, I would like to know which kind of improvement the customer is looking for (apart the price)?

Special test that the potted part should withstand (ex. thermal cycles,  electrical test. whatever it is special or significative for the customer)?

DEMAK Srl  Rresin Dispensing Technology

S.E. Special Engines Srl Your partner in resin

The chemical formulation is engineered to optimize the machine cycle and take advantage of the equipment performances.

Our Team will be your direct reference for chemicals matters, resulting in prompt answers and fast solutions.

Since the early eighties DEMAK have been producing room-pressure and vacuum equipment for the meter-mix of epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, polybutadienic resins suitable for potting and encapsulating, vacuum casting, gluing and bonding, gasketing and coating of industrial components.

Use of resins to improve reliability and performance of electro-mechanic and electronic components is well-known and such applications are constantly growing and developing.

DEMAK is your reliable partner in offering standard as well as tailor-made solutions to face such production requirements at the highest level of quality. Available in our wide range are stand alone units and XYZ robots up to fully automatic lines capable of meeting any production needs

Since 1976 S.E. Special Engines S.r.l. is a leading system-house of advanced two-components Resin.

The main goal of S.E. Special Engines is to fulfil customers expectation as we develop customized products. S.E. provide continuous technical and processes assistance.

Being our resin in compliance with latest worldwide Norms and Directives concerning chemical products. We supply our resins with certifications and documents required by the final user as well as updates of legislations.

Gun washerWo, rkshop equipments, Solvent recyclers and Accessories

Direct coating where chemical compound is directly deposited on substrate.

The reduction of all the dimensions by at least one tenth of the initial volume.

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