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A membrane switch is a multi-layered, flat electrical switch used to activate and deactivate circuits. In contrast to mechanical switches, they are typically printed on flexible, heat stabilized materials using conductive inks; they offer superior reliability, low-cost performance, and the increased graphic appeal of a printed overlay.

Graphic overlays are rugged decals used both to inform and instruct your customers. They are also used to brand many types of machines, appliances and heavy equipment. Typically constructed of rigid polycarbonate or polyester and screen printed on the second surface, i.e. seen through the plastic as through a window, they offer distinct aesthetic appeal yet remain highly resistant to incidental damage.

Plastic Fabrication plays a key role in the production of all of the following product types: POP Displays Acrylic jewelry holders Price holders Display boxes Bank signage Electronics Table top displays Brackets Versatile displays Table top displays Food bins

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Since 1950, Bovie Printing and Fabrication has been a leader in functional printing, design and manufacturing of labels, overlays and membrane switches. We are committed to continuously improving our process, maintaining product consistency, and achieving customer satisfaction.