6 Months ago I got Genital Herpes HSV 2 im having constant prodome symptomHELP!

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6 Months ago I got Genital Herpes HSV 2 & im having constant prodome symptoms HELP!

6 Months ago I got Genital Herpes HSV 2 & im having constant prodome symptoms HELP!

I slept with a guy I knew quite well in January this year (No protection), within days I had sores, pain, flu like feeling, discharge, all the typical symptoms of Genital Herpes. Went to my docs and they referred me to the GUM clinic where I was diagnosed. Fortunately my blood tests confirmed I was HIV negative and all other STDs negative but positive HSV 2. Before I got this, I have to say I was completely blind to this STD, knew it existed but knew nothing about it (poor sex ed). So top it off this guy completely ghosted (left me alone) hardly any communication, nothing. So Im just here, dealing with this alone, Im on Acyclovir, I have been taking multi vitamins for about 5 months now, also just started to try some other herbal remedies. BUT ever since the first OB Ive been experiencing, tingling, burning sensations, itchy legs & strange like twinges all around my bum & vaginal area (sorry) but no actual sores. Basically I have never been promiscuous, only had a hand full of sexual partners, one being the father of my 2 year old daughter, I really liked this guy, would even have accepted the Herpes but he obviously didnt feel the same (dont even know if he knew himself). Anyway does anyone know if 1. This gets easier? 2. There are any other remedies to illuminate pro-dome symptoms? 3. Will I ever be able to maintain a normal, healthy sex life? Ive decided to be celibate for a year (since getting Herpes) so Im hoping things get better after a year. Im 27, not getting younger 🙁

Things do calm down and if they dont speak with your doctor as there are suppressive treatments. i am a single parent and met a lovely guy recently. I was only diagnosed last week via a blood test, and had to tell him. I was so scared about his reaction. He was totally understanding, supportive and caring, I was totally shocked as i thought he would cut and run but he didnt and there are plenty of mature guys out there. He reminded me that lots of people have it and dont even know and said from time to time you will get an attack and during those times just be kind to yourself. It was so reassuring to know it is really common and that many people dont talk about it. Unfortunately you wont have a normal sex life but only in that you will need to listen to your body, try to become familiar with the symptoms and avoid sex at those times, make sure you use a condom always and if you decide to have another baby let your gp know. It does get easier and i hope it does for you soon : )

Are you still experiencing the prodome? I would think it has diminished by now. That tends to be the case as your immune system reaches a balance with the virus.

I am sharing my best and worst discoveries in hopes it will help and in hopes someone might write something I could find useful.

Healthy Diet – no sugar, and not too much salt helps me

Viradux-AU (a very good anti-herpetic crme – has stopped OBs altogether)

Tons of other treatments out there that I have tried and not had much luck with if any at all!

Hi all, would theitchingbecome less as time passes ?

I got constant itchy which is very annoying, impacting my mood and morale.

Hi thank you both for your replies, Ive been dating from Positive Singles as I cant deal with telling people! I havent had much luck but have had someone who I can relate to its better than sitting alone suffering.

I still get prodome symptoms but they are milder (its been a year & 2 months) I still get itchy thighs & sometimes pain in my lower back & tingles all down my legs through to my toes & even my fingers! Ive been put on amitriptyline & Gabapentin both have helped but not illuminated the problem.

I still dont get actual OBs that are visible just prodome symptoms.

Thank you for your posts I will look into the treatment you have advised & try to reduce sugar intake & get more exercise.

They really need to hurry up with a form of 100% suppression! Hopefully in 5 years this wont be a wish but a existing treatment! 🙂

i am freaking out with this so callgenital herpes..my docter adviced me to take acivir;200dt. for 5times a day for 1week from the first day of my out break..its been 1week n i still get the itchy n tingeling down there n i after 1week of medication i can still se some few ocuuring on the sides…i have been asked to take 3 times a day after my first 1 week course…is it nomal? will it disappear as i continued to take the medication….my so ashame n scared of going n asking every now n then….all i want to know is how long do i have to wait for this to subside.? is it normal to keep getting few more even though i am under medication? my dr adviced me to start the medication for 1week 5times a day…then later 3times a day for 6 months..pliz help i feel like killing myself having this deases..

hi all ive had one out break/another possible out break but did have thrush too so wasnt sure if was another i toke tablets when i had theese out breaks but now iam drinking green tea and taking lysine and multivitamins iam still newly diagnosed only known 3-4 weeks but i feel its helping me as read up on things i can do to help the condition id advise everyone to read up as much as you can online and read a book called natural treatments for genital herpes cold soares and shingles by john w hill second edition as its got some good tips in there on things you can use

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Hi, I would love to say things calm down or get better but for me personally not much has changed. The nerve tingles are still prevalent and the constant twinges, pains and lower back ache is still pretty constant even after nearly 6 years. I havent had any sexual partners since 2012 because quite frankly Im contagious so frequently I wouldnt dare put them at risk. The dating site for people with herpes isnt great either. Sorry for everyone looking for comfort but I cant offer any 🙁

Hope that there will be a medical breakthrough for vaccine cure in next few years. Googled herpes research wiki, there are quite a bunch of pharm companies in ph 1 trial.

I havent had a joyful day since getting the disease and havent had any interest in sex neither. The itching and pain is annoying.

But it was good to read your reply, for u have lived with this for 6 years, which is giving me the courage and strength to live.

Hi, did you start a new diet after contracting this 6 years ago? No sugar, etc? I have similar symptoms as you. No breakouts but just nerve problems throughout my body.

Hey I was convince dad I hadnt had hiv and wasnt propa freaking out as I had flu type symptoms and weird tingling and pins and needs with fatigue got tested and came back negative I asked about HSV and they said no as you have had no sores! And they wont test for it viablood testsgoing out my mind with with constant twitching and random sharpe pains that go as quick as they come

This is an old post, how are you doing 6years later?

Not much has changed. Less outbreaks but still get symptoms all the time! Still single and just had an outbreak yesterday from stress! Herpes sucks!

Do you take anti virals as suppressive or episodic?

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