3D Printing

Whats the best 3D printer on the market? It depends on your needs. We recommend the best 3D printers for your skills, aspirations and budget.

Peopoly Moai Review: A Complex, Very Capable SLA 3D Printer

XYZprinting da Vinci Nano 3D Printer Review: Good for Beginners

Dremel DigiLab 3D40 Review: A Good 3D Printer with Pricey Materials

Peopoly Moai Review: A Complex, Very Capable SLA 3D Pri…

This intriguing 3D printer gives you a relatively expensive entry into SLA printing, though extensive tweaking and expertise is required.

XYZprintings latest entry-level 3D printer packs in a lot of features for its low price.

Dremels 3D printer produces quality prints and its easy to use, but the proprietary filaments required for the DigiLab 3D40 are pretty expensive.

Print everything from a working camera to your very own lightsaber, as we show you some of the incredible things you can create with a 3D printer.

Buying a 3D printer is just the beginning. Heres how to get started with 3D printing, from finding models to print to familiarizing yourself with the…

Heres a guide to the types of materials that 3D printers use. We explain what each material is suited for as well as it limitations and trade-offs.

The low-budget 3D experimenter will find a lot to like in the MP MIni, but total beginners will be frustrated by the bugs and other problems.

XYZPrintings new da Vinci Color can produce full color 3D prints that feature intricate patterns and multiple hues.

The Robo C2 offers high-quality prints at a reasonable price, but the printer takes a while to produce large prints