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A complete kit which provides all you need to make your own resin jewellery.

This is one of the most exciting kits we have assembled. It is a complete introduction to making the moulds and casting resin jewellery.

The kit contains everything you require to start producing designer quality resin jewellery. It includes the latex and full instructions on resin jewellery mould making and also a finished mould to make 11 different beads. This is a high quality assorted mould which produces high quality resin jewellery pieces.

A 15 page full colour bookletthat is included, contains one of the best descriptions of resin jewellery making that we have seen up to date.

Start off with everything you need to try your hand atresin jewelleryfor a pocket saving $59.95 plus postage.

The kit contains high quaility Crystal Cast Clear epoxy resin which is a low odour and easy to use resin for jewellery. We prefer using this resin as it does not require the highly toxic MEKPthat Polyester resin requires. The low odour means no more headaches and you can make your resin jewellery pieces from the comfort of your own living room or kitchen.

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